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More welcome suspension of Kasenseli gold operations


A senior citizen in the Mwinilunga district in Northwestern province has welcomed government’s decision to suspend operations at Kasenseli gold mine.

Jevius Musesa, who is also a member of the district council of elders, has praised the new dawn government for listening to the cries of the people in the area concerning mining activities at Kasenseli.

“We are happy with this government for being a listening government,” Bishop Musesa said.

He told ZANIS in an interview today that in future, operations at the mine must produce tangible benefits for the host communities and the nation as whole.

Bishop Musesa said listening to concerns from ordinary people was key to realising development for the grassroots.

He has however asked government to heed the calls by the people not to maintain Zambia Gold Company (ZGC) at the mine but engage a different investor who will be able to work in harmony with the host community.

“The issue of maintaining ZCCM-IH and Zambia Gold Company at Kasenseli is still not welcome for us,” he said.

Bishop Musesa has further advised government to deploy military personnel from the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to the mine to protect the resources from being looted during the suspension period.

On Friday, October 22nd, 2021, Minister of Mines, Paul Kabuswe suspend operations and processing activities at Kasenseli gold mine citing poor safety measures and a sour relationship with the host communities among other reasons.

Two days ago, Chief Chibwika of the Lunda people in Mwinilunga district also welcomed the move taken by government to suspend mining operations at Kasenseli gold mine.


  1. And then just yesterday, a certain brown Frog was claiming to have borrowed for development – like this? Giving mining licenses without proper documentation, experience & credibility?

  2. #2 If Lubinda is a brown frog what are you? Insults don’t make you a better man. Just put your points across and we’ll understand what you are saying.

  3. Great move by the New Dawn government. Evaluate the activities of the so called investors in this gold mine. If the wealth generated from this gold is not benefiting the local people, as well as the Zambian people at large, then what’s the point of this company being in the area? Unfortunately this has been happening all over the country. Immense Copper has been extracted from Luanshya, which has benefited the rest of the country, except Luanshya itself. PF neglected Luanshya town and now the roads there are in deplorable condition. Unacceptable, given the fact that a town that produces wealth is itself not benefiting from that wealth. That needs to change.

  4. Sangwapo….what do these illiterate nyamazai chiefs know about mining. It’s sad the new minister is a blind …waiting to see how they will benefit. If wishes were horses, the nyamazaus will ride…kikiki ….. good luck

  5. It does not make any sense to call people from Chibwika as Nyamazai. These are the things which we fought against and some stupid chap is repeating same insults. The suspension of operations at Kasenseli Gold Mine is welcome so that the operations can be reorganized not as was the case. In fact ZCCM-IH was just being used but the real operators remained obscure as not even the local people or govt was benefiting.

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