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Maureen Mwanawasa Altered my Dad’s Will-Mirriam Mwanawasa


Late Republican President Levy Mwanawasa’s daughter, Mirriam has accused her stepmother Maureen, of not sharing her father’s estate equally and altering her late father’s will.

Reacting to the court’s declaration that Mrs. Mwanawasa is bankrupt after she failed to settle over K6 million debt owed to Finance Bank Zambia from a loan obtained in 2013, Mirriam says she is worried about the remaining assets.

In her Facebook post, Mirriam claims that following her father’s death, his will was fraudulently altered to an extent properties were not properly shared.

She said the altered will was questionable thereby disadvantaging her other sister Lorna from benefiting.

“Following this information, I hope TEKA farm formerly owned and jointly owned by my late grandmother Miriam Mokola and my late father after the death of my grandma, my late father incorporated the farm and changed names from TEKA Farm to MIPACHIMA farms before he passed on and when he died, the will of my late father was fraudulently altertered to an extent where properties of my late father were not properly shared because the will itself was questionable thereby disadvantaging my other sister Lorna from benefiting any property,” she said.

Mirriam also accused her stepmother of not surrendering title deeds to her and other children.

She further allege that she only received K15,000 after the death of her father.

“She took advantage of being administrator to our late father’s estate and presided over everything. Out of my late father’s benefits, I only received k15,000 which was not enough to settle my issues. As we speak now government is building a house for the late President Mwanawasa and currently the care takers and people staying in the same said government funded house are her family members. Her brother and wife and her sister and husband,” Mirriam claimed.

She called on the court to preside over the matter and further remove her stepmother as administrator of her fathers assets.

“My question is, if the court allows our farm land to go just like that, where will I stay because Iam currently staying at my grandma’s farm and I will not accept to be displaced over my step mother’s debts, the money that never benefited me or my children,” she said.

“She currently drawls [sic] a salary from government and I fail to understand how she failed to settle her debts because whatever money that she gets only benefits her,” said Miriam.

“I’m forced to comment because I will not accept injustice to continue. And I pray for God’s intervention in this matter in Jesus Christ Name.”

And when contacted for a comment, Mrs Mwanawasa refused to comment.

Miriam Mwanawasa has alleged that her step mother Maureen altered late president Levy Mwanawasa’s will.

On Tuesday, the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) announced the suspension of Maureen from practicing law.

LAZ also closed her late husband’s law firm, Levy Mwanawasa & Co, describing it as a one-man firm.

“Take notice that the above-named Legal Practitioner has been suspended from practicing law with immediate effect. By this notice, the said Practitioner is not to appear in any Court of Law/Tribunal and should not file any Court process of whatever nature until further notice from the undersigned,” read the LAZ letter dated October 22, 2021.

“Since the firm under the name and style of (Messrs Levy Mwanawasa & Co.) is a one-man firm, it is further ordered that the said firm be closed with immediate effect.”

The letter was also copied to, among others, acting Chief Justice Michael Musonda


  1. As a father this is disappointing to read. However, no one should feel like their parents owe them a single thing. Learn to be self sufficient. I tell my naughty kids that all my riches will be left to them with tough conditions like they should attain a certain level of success before they can claim their inheritance. Children should not feel entitled and become spoiled.

  2. How could Maureen Mwanawasa have altered late Levy Mwanawasa’s will whn she didn’t draw it up and was certainly in the custody of the executor? If Mirriam Mwanawasa is telling the truth here, such alteration of the will would hv been challenged in ourt successfully and can still be challenged in court even now. This option is available to her and she should pursue it. The bad blood btwn Mrs Mwanawasa and Mirriam is fairly well known and it seems to the latter that anything that embarrasses the former brings joy to her.

  3. The question then is …is this the reason why LAZ closed her legal firm what is the point of adding Mirriam’s allegation. Please LAZ hit these lawyers hard they are putting your organisation and the profession in disrepute especially in the last few weeks alot of them are being exposed.

  4. The children from LPM’s first marriage should’ve had that Will investigated, Indeed most of the assets that LPM acquired after he served as VP and later President were not properly accounted for. It was shocking that these children were even excluded from laying wreaths on their father’s grave. It was as if the only children that LPM had were bena Chipokota Mayamba. And unfortunately these children are already divided because of greed. It’ll be a great injustice to have Teka Farm seized and I urge Chief Nkambo to come in because he knows the history of that farm. FTJ’s children have also suffered a similar predicament. There’s still disquiet about how MCS’s estate has been managed. If these things happen to First Families, how about we commoners? Women must learn to earn their own…

  5. No my dear. Work for your own legacy. The best gift that dad gave you was a good foundation to acquire education. If you squandered, its never late to catch up. Your fight is aimlessly.

  6. Tarino even a villager knows that when one is adjudged bankrupt, it calls into question their ability to deal with client money in the line of their work as a lawyer. Therefore their practice has to be suspended until that is rectified. I thought you were claiming you are an educated diasporan. You are dull

  7. This is a very sad development. It’s even difficult to comment on. I’m very disappointed that a woman who appears to champion justice in public actually does the opposite in private.

  8. #3 Nemwine.. how do thieves break into a house while the owners are sleeping in it and steal items. Read a few James Hadley chase novels and you will see how far people can go just for money.

  9. #2 KZ if she was included in the will by her father then she’s entitled to share in the estate. She can even be independent but if she on the list of those entitled, then no one should deny her that right. I pray what she’s saying is not the truth otherwise it’s very shameful on the part of her step mom.

  10. Tarino even a villager knows that when one is adjudged bankrupt, it calls into question their ability to deal with client money in the line of their work as a lawyer. Therefore their practice has to be suspended until that is rectified. I thought you were claiming you are an educated diasporan. You are chikopo tarino

  11. De javu at her age and the influence her father had, she should be way above mere inheritances. . If she was hard working and made a success of a life like her father wanted her to, then the inheritance would be pocket change to her. I think she is useless

  12. Similar to DMX story. Once a movie star platnum selling artist, his children will share a ka $15000 each, not bad if they lived in zed.

  13. ,#9KZ True but if someone doctored the documents in order to grab all, then she’s right to take that person to court.

  14. The Issue with Older Mwanawasa Children including Patrick, is Laziness. They cant work for their own things. Nonsense… Be humble and work for your own Properties. Maureen is the Wife and she can do whatever she wants with the properties.
    Wake up Miriam, work hard for your own things not for your Father. You are crying of K15,000?? What about your education? Can’t you get a Job with your late father’s influence? Get serious and stop embarrassing your family.

  15. Don’t accuse the children of the late Mwanawasa, as they have a right to their father’s heritage, they will always carry his name un like a former wife who can do anything she wants including finding another husband.
    Let us be fair here some of the wives can be problematic to step children.

  16. Also it would help her if she could get off her big backside and lose some weight. She looks like a fat version of meek mill who my son loves listening to

  17. Did she want to be a wife to her father…..why doesnt she get a husband and cling to her husbands wealth as well? we chikulu chonse sure……nakalezala ulabomfya! shaa!

  18. What Mirriam needs now is to institute legal proceedings to have Maureen REMOVED as Administrator that she isn’t fit to hold that Office in view of her bankruptcy. Then proceed to have the WILL forensically investigated. The mess can be corrected and the estate shared LEGALLY. Zambians a number of lawyers are technically fraudsters. No apologies to make hereto. Laziness isn’t a cause for being deprived of one’s inheritance. The purported punishment if any, Maureen Kakubo has been subjecting those step children is a sure curse for her and her own children. Watch the space.

  19. Who’s the father of Mirriam’s children? Why can’t the father of her children support them since they are not even Mwanawasas? Mirriam Mwanawasa is probably talking nonsense here. Patrick Mwanawasa let down his father by working with a man as corrupt as Edgar Lungu and his government.

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