Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Equip Traffic Police for Roads Patrol


THE Zambian Roads & Highway Safety Group (ZRHSG) has noted that traffic police officers under the Zambia Police have no adequate transport and tools for them to successfully conduct every day road patrols.

This lack of transport and equipment makes it hard for them to respond to cases of emergency on the road or help with congestion during the course of the day.

The Highway Safety Group expects that traffic police officers that were used to setting up road blocks and standing in one place the whole day before road blocks were banned, would now be equipped with modern vehicles, motorbike and bicycles to undertake road patrols in all busy roads of the country.

This will ensure that the traveling public feel safe and that those in need of road safety assistance are helped on time. The presence of the police officers on our roads will also help document the challenges being faced by the travelling public as a result of bad road network, poor signage and lack of emergency services including tow services and ambulances.

The Highway Safety Group looks forward to motorised patrols and less disruption of moving traffic from the traffic police on our roads.

The Highway Safety Group expects that a vehicle be provided for four (04) officers going on patrol and a motorbike or bicycle for each traffic officer on duty.

The Highway Safety Group has always proposed that traffic police officers be trained in thorough road traffic accident investigations so the causes of accidents are known and recommend where possible action to be taken to prevent future road traffic accidents and loss of lives.

The Highway Safety Group further urges that these traffic officers be trained to collaborate with other road safety and maintenance agencies to identify accident-prone areas of the highways and uncongested areas where speeds limits need to be increased to allow for smooth and accident free flow of traffic.

The Highway Safety Group believes that traffic police officers can be champions of road safety if they are well equipped and trained to prioritise road safety awareness among motorists on the roads as compared to issuing fines and tickets all the time.


  1. Upnd are sleeping . Since they took over, we have seen many cries and complaints from many sectors of the economy

  2. Good driving shall be rewarded through insurancepremium discounts and every infringement of road signs-stop, speed limit, no horn zone observance, give way to pedestrians, no overtaking etc. shall increase negative points of the driver and shall have consequences , insurance premium automatically going up, license suspension and fines/penalties compulsory reorientation etc.

    Drunk driving license suspension, cancellation as per level of alcohol ( especially police officers, judges, politicians and professionals shall not only be fined but named and shamed, through responsible reporting as permitted by law. With due respect to these specifically named officials, they shall lead by example to bring sanity on roads and to the rule of law).

    Honorary Road inspectors ( immaculate track…

  3. Is this guy serious? Our police are always equipped but they just end up misusing the equipment. What they require is intensive indoctrination to orient their minds from bribe addiction.

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