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99-year-old man commits suicide

General News 99-year-old man commits suicide

A 99-year-old man of Chifunabuli district in Luapula province has committed suicide by hanging himself. Acting Chifunabuli District Commissioner, Mulenga Muonga told ZANIS that the man hanged himself with a rope to a burglar bar in the living room.

“I can confirm that a report was received by police in Chifunabuli from Stanicious Mumba aged 63 of Kakote area to the effect that his grandfather of the same abode had committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope to the sitting room burglar bar,” Mr. Muonga said.

He has identified the deceased as Peter Yamba who is suspected to have committed suicide following a long illness from elephantiasis.

“…facts are that the old man had been suffering from elephantiasis for a long time and is believed to have been frustrated that he had the sickness and has outlived all his friends despite his condition, a situation that alleged to have led to him ending his life,” Mr. Muonga explained.

He said prior to his death, the deceased was on several occasions heard saying he would one day end his life.

Relatives suspect no foul play and the body has since been deposited into Lubwe mission hospital mortuary awaiting burial.


  1. Tough life under upnd. Many were led to believe that it would be heaven on earth with so many unrealistic promises. These people are now disappointed and taking their lives because these promises were just lies. Shame on you upnd

  2. Mr.KZ ,you always have a bone to chew with the UPND. It is important that this time you spend commenting on every story ,you can use time to better your life and those around you.

  3. @ Kaizar Zulu…like campaign lies weren’t enough..now even coming up with unrealistic bloated up budget….and once they fail to implement anything they will be blaming it on PF…

  4. @KZ tawakakule mumano, u always politize issue even whr it not, very foolish. Ad u call yourself, mwatupa fye bonse na ECL u wakutupike.

  5. kz and saulosi , I remember you used to masterbate a lot on social media ati HH will never be president. You never seem to learn, Why don’t you wait for the implementation of the budget. It seems the budget is just advanced for some of dull *****s.

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