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Muchinga Province Minister assures people after doubt is cast over Government’s ability to implement the 2022 budget

General News Muchinga Province Minister assures people after doubt is cast over Government's ability...

Muchinga Province Minister Henry Sikazwe has reassured the people of Muchinga that government will implement what was presented in the 2022 national budget. Mr. Sikazwe has called on the Muchinga community to show trust in the effective implementation of the 2022 budget.

He noted that the government is committed to improving the livelihoods of people through agriculture support programs. Mr. Sikazwe said the government announced in the budget presentation that by January 2022 prices of fertilizers will reduce to enable vulnerable but viable farmers to have easy access to the commodity.

Speaking when he featured on a Live Radio Delight programme in Chinsali, Mr Sikazwe reaffirmed the intentions to reduce fertilizer prices so as to increase the crop yields that will guarantee food security.

He said the first 2022 budget under the United Party for Development (UPND) government that was presented on October 29 placed a lot of emphasis on increasing the agriculture output by farmers to ensure that enough food is produced in the country.

“We have prioritized agriculture because we aim to reduce poverty levels through agriculture,” he said.

Mr Sikazwe further stated that the government is also planning to construct fertilizer production industries to ensure easy and faster access to the commodity.

Meanwhile, Mr Sikazwe reaffirmed President Hakainde Hichilema’s pronouncement of supporting entrepreneurial ventures to youths through the creation of the Ministry of Small and Medium enterprises.

He said the government will soon dispatch funds to support youths entrepreneurs with the aim of uplifting their livelihoods. He highlighted that the aim of the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises is to reduce unemployment levels in the country.


  1. Mr Minister, if I were you I would keep quiet about this thing. What are going to tell the people if the whole thing fails even after your assurance?

  2. LT Hire me as your Developer, your current one is doodoo. He is still thinks Ngandu is Finance minister. You have my email.

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