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Isaac Mwanza Calls For an Inquiry Into the Dismissal of Public Service Workers on Political and Tribal Grounds.

Headlines Isaac Mwanza Calls For an Inquiry Into the Dismissal of Public Service...

ZAMBIA has continued to witness unproven allegations of public service workers being dismissed based on tribal and political reasons. The Acting Secretary to Cabinet Patrick Kangwa owes the nation an explanation on how that was under the past regime and is now being done under the new Dawn Administration, Center for Constitutionalism and Legal Justice Director Isaac Mwanza has said.

Mr Mwanza said there is a growing public perception that the Government under the administration of late President Michael Sata and Edgar Lungu and now Republican President, Hakainde Hichilema, had been and continues to dismiss civil servants based on political and tribal grounds.

These allegations, he said, against the Government are usually started by politicians themselves or affected civil servants and carried through social media for political purposes or to gain sympathy.

He said these allegations have now been authenticated by the Head of Civil Service through his recent statement inviting those who were dismissed on such unsubstantiated grounds.

Mr. Mwanza said Mr. Kangwa was part of the civil service establishment when public service workers were allegedly dismissed based on the alleged tribal and political lines by the previous regime.

“He is still part of this establishment when allegations are emerging workers continue to be dismissed based on tribal and political lines by the New Dawn Administration.

Mr. Kangwa must provide an explanation on these dismissals so the public can know what has caused such rot in the management of the public service.

“The Center does not believe any public service servant was or has recently been dismissed by Government because of one’s tribe or politics. However, owing to the subtle admission by Head of the Civil Service through his recent statement, it is more desirable than a public inquiry should be made to ascertain the truth and allow justice to run its full course,” he said.

“It is nevertheless absurd to expect Mr. Kangwa and his top civil service team, they very people who dismissed those public service workers, to hear appeals unless the strategy is to hide the truth from the public and apportion the blame on immediate political leaders through processes conducted in the dark. No truth will come out from such a process,” he said.

Mr Mwanza said “We finally call upon the Republican President, His Excellency Mr Hakainde Hichilema, to set up an inquiry led by an impartial judge on the dismissals that went on and are currently going. The Inquiry, as opposed to appeal processes done in darkness, will help determine whether dismissals were based on tribe and political reasons.

The Centre Director said the failure to inquire into this matter and allow the dark corner process to happen at Cabinet Office will strengthen some growing perception that President Hichilema is silently using his arm in a vindictive of wanting to paint the predecessor administration as having been tribal.

“We urge the President to allow dismissed public service workers to publicly testify, show that they were indeed dismissed based on tribal and political reasons and give room to those accused of carrying out those dismissals to defend themselves. This is what the rule of law means and not those dark corner processes being led by people, many of whom must stand accused as having conducted the dismissals,” he said.


  1. The civil service is supposed to be professional and free from Political influence. Unfortunately since indepence our civil servants have worked with a political sword hanging over their heads. This insecurity has encouraged corruption among them because they are not sure of the when and the how.

    • The inquiry must have taken place in the reckless PF government, not now. Now there is order. Love him or hate him, this HH is just a blessing to mother Zambia. Current situation – sanity in markets and bus stops, enterprising 20221 budget, donor good will, exchange rate already improved and will improve further, tribal balancing for cabinet, ZNBC becoming impartial, money is going to constituencies, let the man work please, and leave these inquries out, don’t disturb

  2. Alot of People are being dismissed on tribal grounds in alot of companies and its not being reported…Kambwili warned you and thought he was making up stories

  3. I am inclined to support Mr Mwanza suggestion for an inquiry where those dismissed during PF or UPND era can publicly testify, and show that they were indeed dismissed based on tribal and political reasons. I think that is the most fair way, and will help to stop this rot.
    The general perception is that President Michael Sata(RIP) and Edgar Lungu started this systematic tribal cleansing, therefore, a mere restoration of those dismissed, without identifying the real culprits that were behind those decisions, will NOT HEAL the nations, instead, it could continue silently behind the doors during HH presidency. We can’t continue to have people like Mr. Kangwa keeping their jobs, when they were involved in the decisions to dismiss those poor civil servants, what will stop him from doing the…

  4. So YALI is no more? Nthewewewewe is awol. Isaac Mwanza who was his right-hand man has now formed another NGO. THIS SHOWS HOW INSINCERE SOME THESE NGO’S ARE. WAS YALI SUPPORTED OR SPAWNED BY PF? NOW THAT PF IS NO LONGER IN POWER, IT IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN! ROAST, SORRY, REST IN PEACE YALI.

  5. These guys who issue statements, have they not realized up to now that we do not even listen to them the way we don’t even listen to politicians, somebody just wakes up and says I want an inquiry, what wasted time. The same with these other light weight one man parties, just yapping and yapping and what they say has no consequence on anything, the group 3 guys of Sinkamba, Kalaba, S Tembo and a few other idle minds. Maybe way ward Ntewewe who was sent to fight diplomats by PF has now learnt,

  6. That’s the problem we have in this country. You can’t even have any meaniful intellectual discussion without someone insulting or making insinuations about your past.
    Can’t we just look at the suggestion, analyse it, and if it makes sense, take it up?
    This business of just shooting things down, unnesssary insulting based on political affiliation will not take us anywhere.

  7. When perpetrators break the rules & punish people without impunity, the so called center for constitutionalism was mute. The burden of proof is now demanded on one trying to correct the injustices. It’s a dog’s world!

  8. #7  Issacher
     November 7, 2021 At 5:32 am

    “That’s the problem we have in this country. You can’t even have any meaniful intellectual discussion without someone insulting or making insinuations about your past……”

    If lungu came on this platform and complained about HHs rule, he won’t get any traction……….

  9. Sheer waste of time. No need calling for an inquiry. Even people who get dismissed because they are either corrupt or incompetent will always claim tribalism or party affiliation as the cause of their dismissal. Give HH a chance to work, please. How many inquiries are you going to call? If one feels that they’ve been unjustly dismissed, there is a process to have their case reviewed or heard. That’s what the courts are there for, or the department of labor.

  10. wanza are another Ntewswe without reasoning. Or you just want to be regardless your foolish and un researched statements

  11. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    wanza are you another Ntewswe without reasoning. Or you just want to be heard regardless your foolish and un researched statements

  12. Where was this Chap when other tribes were dismissed from employment under the 7 YEARS rule of his brother Lungu ? HH is barely two months in power and this chap is already insinuating of job dismissals on tribal lines. I am worried if ever these tribalists take over power again people from Western, Southern and North Western provinces are going to be targeted again. I suggest we split this country before they take over.

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