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“A Clique of Thieves…Since” Corrupt Chiluba: Is President HH Not Among Them?

Columns "A Clique of Thieves...Since" Corrupt Chiluba: Is President HH Not Among Them?

By Kapya Kaoma.

When President Hakainde Hichilema said “a clique of thieves have been feeding off public resources since Independence,” was he afraid to say “a clique of thieves have been feeding off public resources since the corrupt Chiluba Presidency?” President HH’s billions cannot be counted without mentioning corrupt F.T.J. Chiluba–the two ate from the same plate! Despite its brutal rule, the KK regime’s corruption was petty. The Chiluba era is the New Dawn of white collar corruption, and His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema, was the major beneficiary.

The call to fight corruption is always laudable except for the rottenness of Zambia’s law enforcement agencies and judiciary. The system operates as the President’s kantemba–it shields his cartel.

I called the PF a cartel of heartless criminals, which deserves to rot in jail for stealing from the masses. But with Lungu as corruptor in Chief, the cartel was shielded from testing justice. Today, the very blind law enforcement agencies have had their eyes miraculously restored and have arrested the mafia who, like starved lions, proudly voraciously devoured public coffers for years, while kids died in masses from hunger and curable illnesses. But why now?

Like Jesus, Bally magically opened their corrupt sight, only for a while. Like baby BOSS, he now controls the ACC, the Courts and the Police to haunt and hunt for thieves who were protected by the corruptor in Chief. Thank God it is pay back time for these heartless criminals unless like Masebo, Mutati and others, they are willing to join the UPND and become Bally worshipers.

But since the President’s timeline dates back to independence, is it not a fair game to go back to the Chiluba regime to which HH owes his billions? If we want the truth, however, we should hire independent investigators as opposed to his tuntembas–I mean the politically manipulated and rotten and corrupt ACC, Police and Judiciary, whose role is to sacrifice perceived political opponents to President Hichilema.

The President heroically declared no “sacred cows” in the fight against corruption; thus he should allow an independent investigation into the corrupt privatization of government assets during the Chiluba regime. He must also allow independent investigation of the misuse of state funds in the name of fighting corruption during the Mwanawasa regime. Similar investigations should be conducted with the Banda, Sata and Lungu regimes. Thereafter, people who stole from Zambians must be held accountable. This is the only way to settle corruption in the nation. I am afraid HH and his Cabinet will be among the clique.

I am calling for independent investigations as opposed to our rotten and corrupt Police, ACC and Judiciary because these entities only serve the President and the president alone. They dispense maggots of injustice as opposed to justice; they are rotten to the core–I repeat, rotten to the core. Most of those who put on those uniforms, sit in ACC offices, and sit on those benches don’t deserve their titles but larva of shame. Why is it that public officials are only arrested for corruption after the change of powerhouses?

Our law enforcement agencies and Courts are a disgrace. When will they start speaking truth to power? Was Chitotela not acquitted by the same Courts for corruption? How about Chitalu? Where was the ACC when the PF cartel was plundering public coffers daily? The answer is, they were kissing the boots of the Big Man. It is for this reason that I personally don’t find these arrests meaningful. Just as HH called the arrests and firings under the Lungu administration as tribal and politically motivated, so would the new President see these arrests. Yes, the culprits are stinking corrupt, but the justice system is stinkingly rotten. Without moral credibility, these criminals will walk freely again. Is it not time to investigate the Police, Courts and the ACC for corruption? Replacing them is not enough–Zambians deserve to know why criminals continue to roam the streets despite ample evidence. Only independent investigation would explain this–the HH team is just as compromised.

Importantly, if President Hichilema is serious about fighting corruption, he must not be among the clique feeding on public resources. It is an abuse of power for public officials to pass policies that benefit their business interests. Zambians need to know the President’s business partners, which businesses he owns, and how his policies are likely to benefit him. He cannot be President and CEO of his companies and remain the President of Zambia. This is a recipe for corruption. He cannot fight corruption without disclosing the conflict of interests to the nation in the policies he is pushing as president of Zambia. For example, how would the new agriculture equipment policy in the budget that allows duty free import on heavy duty harvesters benefit him? Is he making deals with international bodies to benefit his business interests? Corruption has many faces–it comes in many forms.

A clique of individuals will continue to live on the public backs as long as the cult of the Big Man is the LAW and the COURTS. It is one thing to sing ANTI-CORRUPTION hymns, but it is another thing to resist being corrupt. Aside from KK, corruption was the hymn that every former president ran on. The anti-corruption legacy, however, is only built after you leave office.

As Bob Marley said, for corrupt politicians, “Time will tell. You think you are living in heaven when you’re living in hell.” And so it is for the PF cartel. Hell is yours to enjoy! Mr. President, thanks for arresting these heartless criminals–they surely deserve it. But remember that time will come when your own UPND officials will be arrested for the same by the same boys when the LAW and the COURTS change hands to another President.

It is rotten justice in Zambia!


  1. Who knew him before privatization? Very few.
    When did Zambian hear about him? After privatization.
    Today he has more money hidden in offshore accounts than what he has in his country for fear of the unknown.
    He is a thief and one of the worst.
    Please tell him that hatred will not unite our country

  2. Indeed, the PF will be thanked for one thing and one thing only, for allowing people to vote for an equally corrupt President who will pretend to be innocent and clean when he like a vulture feasted on Govt assets with impunity. The fight against corruption will only come when the current crop of politicians are gone. HH thinks he is popular, yes he is popular because of the skewed vote from his tribes men and tribal cousins. The day we will have a democratic vote when all tribes will vote on plain field then the real popular leader will emerge. For now we have only tribal leadership riding on tribal vote.

  3. Well said sir, hats off to you!!,,,,,”Time will tell” and ” stiff naked fools” all “Who the cap fit let them ware it”.

    I rest my case.

  4. He is the among the most morally corrupt human beings living in Zambia today whose role in privatization unleashed untold misery on the Zambians, in particular, families that worked for those corporates.

  5. These are the bitter people who fed off the clique of theives……….

    So bitter now their clique are being disbanded and investigated………

    I did not read his crap , but I can tell what he means is HH should forget about fighting corruption, sweep the abuses under the carpet……

  6. Kapya Kaoma’s writing has generated more heat than light. U get nowhere with such writing because u only succeed in raising passions and no orgsnised action. Suitable for someone leading a mob on a rampage. I hope I hv a chance to meet Kapya Kaoma one day.

  7. TWZ is still writing articles here, Time Wasters Association of Zambia at it again . It is understood, the pain of loosing elections may not be easy for others hence these articles, let the author go for counselling, it may help, vomiiting anger through such articles wont help especially that there is a brace command for him and like minds that same 2021 election result will repeat itself in the 2026 elections.

  8. Surely if HH had dipped his hands in privatization, the past brutal regimes could have spared him? The investigative wings of Chiluba, Mwanawasa, RB, Sata, Edgal Lungu could have spared him, how. Africa is very backward on analytics, so this myopic thinking will not be strange on any given day. No matter how much you want to make the man guilty God continues to bless him and he is now the President. Leaders are anointed and appointed by God.

  9. Kaoma has written a balanced article known by every Zambian.
    HH must be the last man to point a finger at these junior corrupt Zambians , him is the looter of billions from privatisation this guy had completely nothing but took advantage of the trust government put on him to kill all the industries in Zambia to benefit himself.
    He has blood on his hands that will never go away, Zambia is poor because of him, which clique is talking about when he is the number one in the same clique.
    Does hiding billions in offshore accounts make him innocent, no, this guy stinks corruption the stench won’t go away.
    His judgement will always linger at his door?

  10. “Our law enforcement agencies and Courts are a disgrace. When will they start speaking truth to power?”-LT

    “When these efforts to support democracy do not work and fundamental human rights and democratic freedoms are violated, the United States can and does apply visa restrictions, travel bans and financial sanctions.  We apply these measures because we are serious about our commitment to human rights and democratic principles.  We will hold accountable any individuals who promote violence, undermine electoral processes, engage in fraudulent or corrupt behavior, or otherwise violate democratic rights and the foundations of free elections. 
    Zambia has a commendable record of democratic elections.  As we approach August 12, I want to urge Zambian citizens to do your patriotic duty…

  11. Let HH ferociously investigate and prosecute all those who stole from Zambians from 1964. May be it will give the government after UPND to be more resolved to engage international investigators so that his privatization loot in offshore accounts can also be investigated and brought back home. A time should come when a more serious government can investigate how he acquired Sun International Hotel so that it can be a target of state repossession.

  12. KK had a humble education compared with our latter presidents but he was gifted in many areas. If one suddenly became rich, the investigative wings would visit him to find out the source of that wealth, if an ordinary worker didn’t go to the bank to withdraw his salary, they would want to know how he managed to survive, you bought a VW Combi you had to explain how you got it. That way people led normal lives not the lopsided we are seeing since (sic) the advent of multi party politics.

  13. A bit late in the evening to start bemoaning the President’s supposed participation in defrauding the people. If there is any truth to this accusation – then it’s your own foolishness that enabled him to dupe you all! On the back of everything Ms Nawakwi was telling you, he was not charged with any crime. You all excitedly lined up to put him where he is! Your own choice! Now, put up and support him so that, at least, something good might come out of this. To him, I say, knucle down and deliver as promised. Stop making provocative pronouncements which will only add to already festering resentments!

    #plant a tree now!

  14. HH was hired to provide services to the government of the, he then charged the government for his services and he made his money. Clean and clear. Weather he over or undercharged the Government it’s not his problem. Besides the Chiluba government (including Nawakwi & Chikwanda) were selling those assets to willing buyer willing seller it is here that HH also bidded for shares in Companies. And bought his own aswell. Again , clean & clear. The government ran the show and not a 27 yr old. How naive can u morons be?

  15. HH is telling the truth.There are Zambia families who are known to have political influence.They always end up getting those top govt jobs or sit on the boards of various parastatals.

  16. I am just a village boy. I went to school barefoot. I went to UNZA, then i went to uk.
    Then I bought my first house paying back in installements…….then suddenly ….walaaaa!!!! I owned thousands of cattle!!! walaaaa!!! I had more houses all over the country!!! Walaaa, I had billions of dollars here, Mauritius, uk and Panama!!! Walaaaa I built a state house, Walaaaa…..more farms!!!, Walaaa,!!! Hotels!!!! ……..I urge all young people to work hard. Honest work pays!!

  17. Look at certain grouping of people who are still mourning losing the elections.You will get tired talking about HH let alone being bitter icing it with hatred for HH .Let the man work not pf cadres coughing at whatever HH says.You lost bane move on.Its forward and for sure our economy will pick up…

  18. The stealing of government money continues under the New Dark administration. Despite having specially trained presidential security personnel on government payroll, HH still took that “medicine man” who was always on the side of him when he was in opposition and on the side of Anderson Mazoka. During the time of Mazoka this so-called “bodyguard from Beijing” always carried a small black bag with contents only known to himself. We saw the same bodyguard disembarking from the plane with HH when he was arriving from the UK. If that is not stealing from Zambians, tell me what it is. How was that bodyguard who grabbed the instruments of power from ECL at Heroes stadium employed? On what basis is he being paid by government? We also saw that Chieftainess Muwezwa of the Ila people of Itezhi…

  19. ..tezhi was also part of the presidential entourage to Glasgow. How was she picked from all traditional rulers and who paid for her trip and upkeep to Glasgow? HH still continues to defiantly reside at his New Kasama home. Not only does he continue to inconvenience Zambians every morning and evening when going to and coming back from State House for work. There is intensified security at not only the official work place of the Head of State at State House. There is also intensified security at HH’s New Kasama home which he has unofficially made his residence as Head of State. The additional allowances being paid to security guarding HH at his New Kasama is theft of public money. One may even wonder how the road leading to HH’s private residence has now come to be tarred including his…

  20. The so called “methodical approach “by the president is proving to be dangerous. The thieves are now insulting him and God knows what else they are planning. Mr President these thieves don’t mean well,hammer them before they hammer you

  21. Zambians love HH, according to real opinion polls and not the usual PF fake ones, he could emerge as the most loved President

  22. Current situation – bus stops and markets becoming better and councils now deriving revenues which were being stolen by sent PF cadres, dollar from K22 to K17 and will still improve, Donor goodwill, , money being sent direct to constituencies, His excellency flying commercial saving resources, Public media can now feature the same opposition which when they were ruling was denying others to be seen or heard in public media,, cabinet tribally balanced, new innovative ministries, Police jacking up and finding stolen money in peoples homes, mining companies expressing positive sentiments and you are here blogging negative against the peoples un disputable preferred choice of HH who will rule beyond the constitutional mandate due to his expected works

  23. And I always tell you that HH is one of the biggest criminals in Zambia…he can’t even explain his wealth and where he got his money from….Pretending to fight corruption and he hires a known criminal Musokotwane who’s grabbing land in chongwe Mikango Barracks area……he was arrested when MMD was kicked out of office and they found alot of stolen money and materials at his house…his nephew is the owner of 48 houses built with money suspected of being proceeds of crime…HH worse than Lungu


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