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22 year old man of Indian origin arrested for assaulting two minors

General News 22 year old man of Indian origin arrested for assaulting two...

Police in Mumbwa District have arrested a 22-year-old man of Indian origin for indecent assault of two minors aged eight and nine years.

Central Province Deputy Commissioner of Police, Donald Mwandila confirmed to ZANIS in Kabwe that the incident happened last Sunday around 17:20 hours at Face Gardens in Munengo Compound of Mumbwa.

He said the culprit is alleged to have indecently assaulted the two girls in a swimming pool by touching their private parts.

He disclosed that the incident was reported at Mumbwa Police by 34-year-old Mumba Chinasha of Chilimboyi Compound at 18:15 hours on Sunday.

“On 7th November 2021 at 18:15 hours we received a report of indecent assault on a minor. The incident occurred on the same day around 17:20 hours in a swimming pool at Face Gardens in Munengo Compound of Mumbwa. Mumba Chinasha aged 34 of Chilimboyi reported on behalf of the two children, females juveniles aged between 8 and 9 respectively. He alleged that Patel Hadin aged 22 of Indian origin, a Mumbwa resident indecently assaulted the two minors by touching their private parts while swimming in the swimming pool. An arrest has been made,” Mr Mwandila said.

And Mr Mwandila has further refuted claims by the community suggesting that the police are delaying in resolving the matter but advised parents to remain calm as officers conduct their investigations.

He assured the public in Mumbwa that the police are working hard to gather enough information before securing a conviction to be taken to court.

“Maybe it was impatient by the parents. As police were trying to garner more information that would secure an outright conviction once the case goes to court. Parents must be patient and allow officers to conduct their job in a professional manner,” Mr Mwandila advised.

Meanwhile, Mumbwa Child Development Agency (MCDA) has strongly condemned the continued molestation of minors by people who should be parents to the minors.

MCDA Manager, Gracious Nkeete, said the revelation of minors who were indecently assaulted must be condemned.

Mrs Nkeete has called on law enforcers to ensure that justice prevails for victims to deter other would be offenders.

She said cases of indecent assault and other related situations should be dealt with severally because they destroy the future of children.

She observed that victims will have to bear the blunt of living with the nightmare of the ordeal adding that it is for this reason that the perpetrators must be punished.

“As a child focused organization we are implementing initiatives to supplement government efforts. News of two children who were indecently assaulted is horrifying. We will not keep quiet but continue appealing to law enforcement agents to ensure perpetrators are punished,”Mrs Nkeete said.

She has observed that cases of child molestation especially the girl child have become a common feature in Mumbwa and appealed to government to establish a fast track court to speed up justice for the victims.


  1. @ Spaka, AKA Kaizar Zulu, I agree with this reporting.
    He is Zambian, let it end there, this reporting has the potential of labelling Indians in Zambia as molesters.
    This is the same as saying a 22 year old man of Chewe origin, Tonga origin, bemba origin and whatever else.

  2. THE TR00LL cerainly knows which side his bread is buttered
    funny how some have moved away from his sinking ship
    Oh TY PF for putting Zambia in financial debt

  3. So what if he is of Indian origin?

    A peadophile knows no race.

    If convicted, let the courts set an example by sending a message that children are not to be molested.

  4. So ba reporter why do we have to reveal the race of alleged criminals? So that we can feed on the inherent or potential racial conflicts? Efyo social media can’t replace trained journalists

  5. @Kaizar they are fueling racism. If these media have got supervising bodies they should put the reporters on the carpet. Where’s PAZA? Where’s MISA?

  6. Tikki and yet your asylum seekers there cry about racism when your fellow blacks are referred to their race in any negative illegal acts. Stop the double standards you hopeless weak black man

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