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Catholic Bishops meet President Hichilema

General News Catholic Bishops meet President Hichilema

President Hakainde Hichilema says he appreciates the role the church plays in fostering unity and peace in the nation.

Speaking when he met a delegation from the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops led by ZCCB President, Archbishop of Kasama Reverend Ignatius Chama, President Hichilema said the church has been a source of stability when conflict was knocking on the door in the 1990s.

President Hichilema says that during the Third Term bid, the church was again there to speak for the masses and today, the church continues to provide that leadership.

The Head of State says his administration is resolved to uniting the nation, saying he needs the involvement of the church in achieving this agenda.

President Hichilema says his administration is on a road to reconstructing the country which can only happen if the nation operates in a peaceful environment.

And the President says his administration is bringing in a different style of leadership, one that is anchored on good governance and accountability.

He said the fight against corruption is not a tribal issue but is aimed at protecting the assets and use the money recovered to create more jobs.


  1. A continuation of brown envelopes at state houses….churches and these Bishops are useless hypocrites…..95% Zambians are Christians and corruption continues from one government to the next….Adultery, fornication is normal in a Christian nation..theft is normal in a Christian nation….hate is normal in a Christian nation, killing each other is very normal in a so called Christian nation

  2. church mother bodies.They are no longer peace makers.They publicly displayed the hatred they have for ECL.That is the reason the then CCZ chairperson resigned beccause of the biasness of the groupings, instead of peace making they advocated for something else. The problem is that some people in todays Zambia support hatred and false accusations

  3. #3Roka… it’s really disappointing that a Shepherd can exhibit hatred towards the people he’s supposed to Shepherd. This is contrary to the teachings of our Lord… love your enemies, give the other cheek, the good Samaritan, The Prodigal son, Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Contrary to our Lord’s life style, our religious leaders lead very luxurious lives. It’s do as I teach not as I say.

  4. The Shepherd will strike the sheep if the sheep is going in the wrong direction. No one needs praise singers. Give it to HH if he also misbehaves.

  5. Church should help shame the clique of thieves who want to use tribalism to escape from prosecution. They did that during Mwanawasa’s time, they want to it to HH too. Shame on you – who told you – you above the law ? Travelling together in the same vehicle, HH was arrested and charged with Treason, his Vice President GBM was left scot free did you hear him shout against tribalism.


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