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Zambia a role model in peaceful transition after elections-AU/COMESA

Rural News Zambia a role model in peaceful transition after elections-AU/COMESA

A delegation from the African Union (AU) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has visited North-Western Province for a provincial consultation on the country’s structural vulnerability and resilience assessment.

North-Western Province Acting Permanent secretary, Beatrice Muyambango welcomed the team and expressed concern that growth and development of any country cannot be achieved when there is conflict.

Ms Muyambango said any form of conflict should be condemned to protect and foster development in the country.

And AU representative, Ahmed Mokhtar said the consultation is a multi- sectoral and Zambia is the third country to volunteer to take part in the program after Ghana and Ivory Cost.

Mr Mokhtar disclosed that the aim of the consultation is to look at the causes of conflict.

Meanwhile, a representative from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Chungwa Simwanza who accompanied the delegation said the programme was launched at national level by Vice President Mutale Nalumango.

Mr Simwanza pointed out that Zambia volunteered to undergo the process taking into account that without peace there can never be development.

And Raymond Kitevo from COMESA explained that the program will be carried out in all the 10 provinces of Zambia and that they want Zambia to be a role model to other countries especially when it comes to peaceful transitions after elections.

“We want other countries to learn from Zambia and it will be our model,” Mr Kitevo said.

He said the programme will include people from various walks of life to achieve a comprehensive data collection.


  1. That was the most stupid thing for UPND, things must be corrected as soon as possible some provinces are a let down, they are left behind in reasoning and are drawing other provinces back to the stone age , it is a something to worry about in Zambia.

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