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Use of Tribal Lens by PF MPs to deal with National Issues Disappointing-Mweetwa

Feature Politics Use of Tribal Lens by PF MPs to deal with National Issues...

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that it is disappointed with some Patriotic Front Members of Parliament who are using the tribal lens in dealing with national issues so that they are perceived as victims in the ongoing crusade against corruption.

Speaking at a press briefing in Choma, UPND Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said that the ruling party feels tribal sentiments being orchestrated by some PF parliamentarians are not only divisive but also lack substance considering that the fight against the graft is not ethnically driven.

Mr. Mweetwa said that the PF parliamentarians cannot anchor their debates in parliament on tribal sentiments advising them to focus on national issues as the house is not a platform to champion ethnic inclinations.

Mr. Mweetwa that, even outbursts by politicians like SSeanTembo and Chishimba Kambwili, which border on mediocrity will not take the two politicians anywhere, as Zambians are determined to see the UPND government deliver on its election promises, key among them, economic recovery.

He has also distanced the UPND from some claims that the state plans to eliminate Mr. Sean Tembo, saying the ruling party has no time for such trivialities.


    • In democracy you choose what you want. WHAT YOU WANT. Even your own tribe is admissible as long as you are convinced that they will do the job, nobody should be demonized for choosing his tribesmate if they have the conviction that they will do the job

  1. Tu P.F, = worst gang of Thugs, Hoodlums,
    Pimps & Pirates masquerading as a bona-fide Political party.
    August 12, 2021 was indeed LIBERATION DAY for all normal thinking & moral standing Zambians.
    Good riddance to bad rubb1sh!

  2. If there was a way we should have never lived with these Thieves. After they steal, they cry Tribalism to avoid the law visiting them. They did that also under Mwanawasa. Form your own country where you can steal with impunity – ala !

  3. During a by-election in Chikankata you were dancing that you were the Bantustans, what did you mean if you weren’t tribal? Shut up

  4. PF have not got any better way to
    Respond to UPND programmes
    So they can only bring tribal issues as they did during election

  5. But kwena this party is full of dunderheads…i now understand why zambians were smart enough to reject them; no manifesto all there good at is championing tribalism
    Pick dumbo ck and you are headed for extinction.

  6. The best way this Mweetwa can make a point is to educate his tribesmen and thugs among them in Southern province to allow other political views than that of their ” Tonga only” led poliical party. To date it is only Southern province where other political parties are not allowed to campaign. The question is, will HH hold on to the lid that only a Tonga can lead UPND?. Mind you Mazoka was just invited to lead that party among other Zambian political players. His son Hakainde will not put the lid on it to have “only Tongas” can lead that political party,

  7. Why are Tongas so obsessed with tribe…they feel guilty as charged because they know who they and Zambians know the Tongas are tribalist….unfortunately no one wants to admit it…in UPND you can’t be a true red if you are Bemba or Easterner…fact…

  8. I don’t know why some misguided souls think voting for your own tribe is wrong, as long as you are using the competency lens it is very okay, that is democracy, the people from Southern, Western and Northwestern provinces must not even feel an iota of guilty for voting for HH. Don’t be misled that because you have voted for your tribesmate therefore you are tribal, that is all lies, democracy allows you to vote for who ever you want even your own tribe. Vote even the same way next time, as long you see competency which I am sure you are, it is very very okay

  9. These PF guys are the strangest leaders the country has ever had, and the irony is that I am PF but I should confess we have never had leaders and we still don’t have. They pumped their government with people from the North and Eastern provinces only , now the new government wants to follow up on plunder of resources and they claim that you are witch hunting us, why should government follow other tribes when other tribes were not in government, what type of thinking is that

  10. Even Panji Kaunda has said even in his Fathers government of 1964 there were some thieves there, of course the only difference is that Kaunda used to fire them unlike in PF where they had a field day. So stop blaming HH, blame the clique of thieves, and the clique is trying with all its mighty feeble effort to link the statement to former Presidents a thing HH never said. A basic shelter and a fiber booth called a toll gate cost us Zambians four point three million dollars(4.3 million dollars), how , just how

  11. The reason you are in that position and mp is because of the same tribalism you are accusing pf of. F00Iish momo. You are a constipated mangoose

  12. UPND administration you have
    five years Mandate to turn around our republic. The biggest margin in the history of that country it’s not a joke. Some of us questioned your pretense.

    “The phrase ‘a taste of your own medicine’ means someone should have the same unpleasant experience that they themselves have given to someone, to show them how bad it is. For example: Now you see how it feels to have someone call you names! You are getting a taste of your own medicine!”

  13. Kambwili is the best candidate for PF presidency.
    This man has the original features and beliefs of the PF party he has his mentor in his mind, and he is the Sharpest tool to dislodge the lying UPND party and he is able to school the tribal clique that encourages hatred for some Zambians.
    Kambwili is not one in the suspects in the mismanagement of government funds, Kambwili is the only clean vessel for PF to use in the next national presidential elections , he is the only capable to do the trick since he is now above who where in PF when ECL made terrible mistakes , give Kambwili a chance to help Zambians get out of these regional voting. Zambia needs to be balanced and not in the way we are seeing it now it is total chaos.

  14. Kambwili is a much better political leader in PF should he should lead his party his political CV is richer than anyone in PF no one can match his political CV.
    He knows his opponents very well including the president his experience in politics speaks volumes he is a true politician to keep Zambian politics exciting, . His competitors are too blunt their hearts are full of shame due to the misrule of ECL.
    PF should allow Kambwili to lead them now his time has come to lead his party including Zambia to be specific. We want a good fight in the political arena you cannot fight an opponent who is already defeated and suspected to be a thief ! no he has no strength to stand those accusations from the other

  15. A bit rich coming from the avatars of tribalism. Look, stop playing ping-pong with the people – deliver lawful convictions you promised – not harassment arrests which lead nowhere. Complaints are mounting because of the way you are handling things; improperly.

    #plant a tree now!

  16. Interesting the debate is not whether Southerners voted for someone considered competent by the world and by at least 30% of all voters in all provinces(59% on average). It is simply that those mean old Southerners did not throw a few thousands pity votes for a party that thinks Lusambo is worthy of being minister, for a party that is reckless and kills professionals out for lunch at midday, a party that is now home to the chaos artist Kambwili. This is not the pee wee leagues in some American suburb where everyone gets to go home with trophy. We are talking about Zambians passing a verdict on a rogue governing outfit that put fear in the hearts of Zambians at all levels of society.

    Yet the obsession is why did those mean old Southerners not find a few pity votes for ECL so…

  17. …….ECL so the arbiters of what is tribal or not can give them a pat on the back. Forget the inconvinent fact that over 40% of Easterners and Northerners voted for UPND.

  18. Here is data for those who care:
    ECL HH Total HH percent
    Muchinga 170,601 75,781 246,382 31%
    Central 158,598 276,674 435,272 64%
    Eastern 308,520 213,707 522,227 41%
    Western 44,641 276,280 320,921 86%
    North-W 27,118 263,473 290,591 91%
    Northern 231,831 151,389 383,220 40%
    Southern 36,255 601,624 637,879 94%
    Luapula 233,129 119,650 352,779 34%
    Copperbelt 300,413 420,443…

  19. Some will not let facts get in the way of a sweet pre-cooked opinion. Like a child who has learned to say a dirty word and keeps saying it. You will continue saying tribal this, tribal that…because it is exciting to get away with something forbidden.

    I wonder why the votes for ECL compared to Sean Tembo are so lopsided in every province. But of course that will fit into the manufactured truth of the punditocracy.

  20. It’s not possible that the only party that makes sense in southern province is UPND. How come other political parties including UPND get meaningful votes from other provinces? Its because the other provinces use logic in voting and not tribal inclinations. You may insult or say whatever you want but southern province voting patterns even against sitting presidents including Mwanawasa, will always betray tongas regarding tribalism in Zambia. This ought to change brothers and sisters from southern province. Show love to others too.

  21. @ Honest: UPND has had two leaders; Mazoka and HH. Zambians and the world are happy with HH.

    Please make the case why voting for Mazoka in the South could only have been tribalism and not pure developmental self-interest? The difference in votes countrywide between Mazoka and Mwanawasa was so small it is within margin of error. It made sense to vote for UPND then and it makes sense to vote for UPND now. Just like it made sense to vote for Chiluba of the MMD over the party of Baldwin Nkumbula at some point.

    And sorry if you feel insulted.

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