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PF to Elect New Party President by June 2022 as Davies Mwila steps down as S.G


The Central Committee of the Patriotic Front Party has resolved to hold an Extra-Ordinary General Conference by June 2022 to elect a new Party President who will take over from President Edgar Lungu.

Meanwhile, Davies Mwila and Ng’onga Mukupa have with immediate effect stepped down as the Party’s Secretary General and National Chairman, respectively.

The resolution to elect a new Party President by June next year was arrived at when the Party’s Central Committee met to deliberate among other things the Party’s Post Mortem Report of the 2021 general elections.

The Party will use this period to mobilise resources for the General Conference, take audit of the Party structures and continue to implement recommendations of the Post-mortem Report for the on-going rebranding process that the Party is currently undergoing.

This is according to a statement issued by PF Deputy Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa.

“Further, I want to put it on record that the Central Committee has NOT endorsed anyone for the position of Party President as it has NO any preferred candidate. The Central Committee will ensure that the playing field is levelled for all those wishing to contest the forthcoming elections,” Mr. Chilangwa said.

“I wish to call upon all Party members and sympathisers to generously contribute resources towards the holding of the forthcoming Extraordinary General Conference. I wish to call upon the leadership and general membership of our Party to remain calm and disciplined during this transition period.”


  1. Let PF go into oblivion please, I even prefer a one party state than having PF as an opposition, when I look at their past atrocities, vices, grand corruption, caderism, break down of rule of law, Police brutality, abuse of ZNBC and other public media, inefficiency in parastatals, right now in PHI in Lusaka this sunday morning we don’t have ZESCO power, after ZESCO voluntarily and without duress on their own communicated to us through various platforms that they would be no power from 14hrs to 22 hrs today and the past 2 days but it is now 11hrs and there is no power from 7hrs, this is all PF legacy.

  2. Why don’t we have ZESCO power in PHI from 7hrs this Sunday morning when you ZESCO said power would only go from 14hrs to 22hrs

  3. PF promised more money in peoples pockets, lower taxes and more jobs and after ten years none of these things were there, now their friend HH is less than 2 months in power and PF are already saying where are the things you promised, the same un reasonableness PF exhibited when they were in power is the same unreasonableness they are exhibiting now as an opposition surely going towards its extinction

  4. Some body still calls a man who thoroughly thumped them in elections as under 5,you are trounced pants down by somebody you call under 5, meaning you the thumped is an under what kikkiki

  5. Why waiting all that far, what are you planning to do. No salary for you until then. We don’t want to hear about anymore, just go man.

  6. Good! If you were top brass – with any modicum of decision making in the previous PF government – you are a ‘spent’ force – retire! The party will not turn tables with all the old wood staying on the tree. You need a severe pruning!

    #plant a tree now!

  7. @KZ above. Are you saying this just to be annoying? No sensible person would want Mr Lungu to be back, he really let things go down hill. I think you should let him be – he is alright where he is!

  8. The Regrouping of the Criminal Enterprise,
    The Edgar Chagwa Lungu Crime Syndicate Party.
    The people of Zambia spoke to the tune of 2.8 Million.
    All those who voted for Edgar Chagwa Lungu should really go for psychiatric evaluation.
    How could a person in a right frame of mind want Lungu for another 5 Years

  9. Zambia needs good powerful opposition than a one party state system which Zambians rejected in 1991 and it must be completely forgotten by any politician.
    We want opposition that can be a formidable force to recon with like the one Sata lead and Kabimba and not cry babies like this ruling party full of cowards, their ministry is only to cry about the already gone regime.

  10. Why wait six months? You need convincing that Edgar China Lungu is a total failure? Forgot what happened on August 12? Kikikiki hehehe hohoho

  11. PF were so obsessed with winning this year’s election and they lost badly. Now again they are dreaming of winning in 2026 when history is not on their side. No former ruling party has ever bounced back plus PF is a clique of thiefs who are can be arrested anytime. Who ever they chose will be threatened with arrest and they will be quiet like a corpse. We thought by rebranding the party was going to choose completely new leaders and not recycled thiefs

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