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There is no fuel Shortage, says Energy Minister as he warns people hoarding fuel


The government has warned oil marketing companies and suppliers that may be engaging in hoarding fuel to desist as their actions border on economic sabotage which is a serious offense.

Energy Minister Peter Kapala has also dispelled rumors that there is an imminent fuel shortage.

Mr. Kapala says discussions with the Government contracted suppliers have been fruitful and products have been delivered to fuel depots and more are on their way to ensure the demand is met.

He further says Government has put up measures such as reallocation of fuel qualities under the waiver programme from Oil Marketing Companies that failed to perform to those that have demonstrated positive performance.

And in a statement to ZNBC News in Lusaka yesterdday, Mr. Kapala said there is no reason for the public or motorists to panic regarding the fuel supply situation in the country as it has put up measures to ensure security supply of the commodity.

He has assured the public and motorists that the country has sufficient stock of fuel and more of the commodity is earmarked to be offloaded at different fuel strategic reserves.

Mr. Kapala said sporadic fuel supply is normalising.

Meanwhile Mr. Kapala has observed that the prices of fuel on the International Market have risen by 60 and 66 percent since January this year.

He said the situation has an impact on the local cost of fuel because contracts for the supply and delivery of the product are procured using the dollar currency.


  1. The problem is that different governments over decades always have been lying about fuel availability, with Edgar China Lungu being the champion liar. So the new energy minister does best to keep his mouth shut and the tanks filled.

  2. Common lets wake up, what do you mean that there is no fuel shortage when we cannot find the commodity at the filling stations. We dont want explanations, We want fuel at the feeling stations period.

  3. Ba Minister just tell the truth. There is a fuel shortage!!!! Queues are starting everywhere. Companies cannot access fuel and suppliers do not have it. Are you in this country Sir? You should openly engage the OMC’s and give us a solution instead of denying reality from your Office!

  4. There is no need to keep saying
    No shortage of Fuel.People can see it for themselves .Continue
    Supplying to all filling station and
    Hope of no increment.

  5. Bwana minister, the commodity is scarce. And why are you changing the language. You promised Zambians fuel prices will drop to K5 but now you are saying the prices on the international have risen from 60 to 66 percent. What does this statement mean?

    The statement means there will be increment soon.

  6. Bwana minister there is no sabotage at all. Ukulanda kwalyanguka. I hope you have seen that it’s not easy to run government.

  7. Just increase the fuel.we know its loaming…you think governing its just speech and codemning. Its you turn need to increase electricty and fuel..just do it now…it will be bad if you delay….cholera is aslo loaming

  8. The new dawn government at it this is the change voted for!
    If nothing has changed then voting can be a waste of time and resources, however democracy must thrive in our Zambian nation but things cannot be as rosy as we were drilled to be in this new regime which sales on lies.
    We the Zambians are taken for ride but Zambians are just the same clique of liars and this one regime is the poorest performer in governance, they are only arresting people on un related issues to the surprise of the intelligent minds as for the gullible it is a phenomenal to live with.

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