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Government to introduce a One-License Policy in order to position Zambia as a preferred investment destination


Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Chipoka Mulenga has said that government will introduce a One-License Policy in order to position Zambia as a preferred investment destination to the business community.

Mr. Mulenga said his Ministry will change some legislations to lessen the number of licenses for one to set up business in Zambia
He said the current approach and legislation in the trade and investment sectors was not giving government the desired results.

Mr Mulenga said the one-license policy will make investments favorable to the business community as well as encourage local entrepreneurs to be major players in the investment sector.

He said government was engaging businesses and financial lending institutions to ensure that share holding for local businesses was increased in multi-national businesses.

Mr. Mulenga was speaking at a one day investment workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa, hosted by a Zambian Law firm Musa Dhudia and Company in partnership with their South African counterpart Webber Wentzel.

The workshop drew the participation of experts in the mining and energy sectors from private and public sectors in Zambia and South Africa and was aimed at showcasing Zambia as a destination to South African based investors.

Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Chipoka Mulenga
Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Chipoka Mulenga


  1. It should be one consolidated investor’s destination with all licencing under one roof like Kenya and Rwanda have done.Good job still Bwana minister.

  2. Even locally business need to benefit from this one licence policy. At the moment if you want to open an agro shop you pay pacra, business levy, health permit, fire certificate, seed sellers licence, zema before even selling a single product.

  3. Screen these investors as some come with
    Nothing as everything is just on paper.Let
    Them come with funds which should be
    Deposited or transferred into our banks as
    They take advantage of our weak system.

  4. Sounds good. Perhaps, with fewer hurdles to overcome, business in Zambia has a chance yet! Right now – it’s truly stumped. The difficulties are insurmountable, & by far, outweigh the benefits! Obsolete practices & begrudging attitudes by gate keepers, need changing. The pace of service delivery, is stuck in the pre digital era! Even the simplest of applications – most of which could be achieved remotely on line, need attendance in person! Things are further impeded by apathetic employees who think doing a job they are paid to do – is somehow, favouring the customer! They will make people wait for hours on end; even tell you to come another day! This kills business. Who has time, in modern times – for the nonsense of queuing all day? Our people don’t realise that the quicker, and…

  5. Cont. – and efficiently services are delivered, the more businesses will succeed – resulting in jobs, and money filtering through to the poorest – overall improving the economy. It’s a win, win for all.

    #plant a tree now!

  6. Last time I checked ZAMBIA was among the best African countries to do business in. You need laws to protect local businesses otherwise you’ll end up giving opportunity to riffraff foreign businessmen who end up reaping our country to benefit their countries. In the name of attracting investment, we have seen foreigners with less academic credentials put in senior positions ( especially the mines) at the expense of better qualified Zambians.

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