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President Hichilema’s appointments that are highly skewed against women-Chishala Kateka

Feature Politics President Hichilema's appointments that are highly skewed against women-Chishala Kateka

The opposition new heritage party has noted with dismay the trend of the Republican president’s appointments that are highly skewed against women.

Party president Chishala Kateka says when ministers were appointed, she noted the fact that only four of the thirty cabinet ministers are female and out of the nominated members of parliament, only two are female and only one out of ten provincial ministers is female.

She adds that with the appointment of district commissioners, it has again been seen that a similar trend of very few females being appointed to this position as happened.

Ms. Kateka mentions that Zambia is not short of qualified women who would meet the criteria for appointments to key public leadership positions and therefore it can only be concluded that this systematic exclusion of women in these key roles is deliberate.

she appeals to the republican president that more qualified females be appointed to strategic key decision-making positions, as they are well able and capable to deliver in those roles as they have been, and ever increasingly critical to economic and social development despite historic and current odds being heavily weighted against them.


  1. Well they have been tried at fic, dpp even farmers union president, minister for mukula the results uhm … don’t look for a ‘woman’ be gender blind and look for a person with ability to lead… women for women sake it doesn’t work

  2. Women are the biggest enemy to themselves. They do not believe in themselves. Women are in the majority in country. If women were serious creatures, they would be the majority in parliament and even in govt. But women would rather prefer to be appointed by a man than being in control. If all women voted for woman president that president would win with landslide. How many women voted for KATEKA? Very few….they chose to give their vote to a man. WOMEN YOUR ARE YOUR OWN ENEMIES!!!!

  3. HH does not allow his wife to work because he comes from that school of thought that believes women should be at home. I still like our President though.

  4. Women are enemies to themselves and the concerns raised by Chishala Kateka dont hold any water. She is one of the most educated women in the political arena of our country but what did she do out of over rating herself she decided to join a dead political and renamed it New Heritage and stood as a President. The new Heritage Party had no MPs, Councillors or any party structures on the ground and expected votes to be cooked like figures in accounts. It would have made sense if she wanted to champion the cause of women to have joined the UPND if she read the campus of the political direction well in advance. If Chshala Kateka had joined UPND she would have automatically been adopted and could be one of the women holding cabinet position in the New Dawn govt. She was selfish and tested the…

  5. I truly thought you were a smart woman until you went went for Miyanda’s village party. At this point I knew you were done and it was all the way done thereon. If you had not, may be you would have assumed some sort of leadership in the new regime. After your poor choice I now believe in the mantra “don’t judge the book by its cover.” Your poor performance in the last election speaks volumes–it is your own making. Kateka is gone to the dogs.

  6. HH is annoying…. look at DCs appointed.
    All District Commissioners are supposed to be women.
    Women don’t steal too much, in PF it was Kabanshi and Kapata only.. and Dora of course, but it is not that much. Women can only be petty thieves.

  7. UPND are just against women in general I don’t know why, these women usually do a good job in politics they should be given space as well , but their problem is jealous, how they hated their own woman president in partisan politics, they insulted her as if she wasn’t one of them.

  8. Women made 51% of voters on the roll, Chishala was the only woman candidate but how many votes did she get? Many women spend the whole day preparing on how to satisfy men. They like the role of being dancers at the airport. So why do you want to blame the man? It’s not men that tell them to spend the whole sniffing nsunko or eating kawawasha flavoured porridge or using savlon as they prepare to face men. You also shouldn’t expect us to support you just because you’re a woman, show us what you are capable of. There’s no leader that’ll go to look for any woman to appoint. Build your CV. Kampamba Mulenga used to spend the whole morning taking selfies, that’s not the kind of women we want

  9. On professionalism we should be careful how we exercise quotas. I read a study (I cannot remember the journal offhand. Nizakumbuka) that showed the systemic disadvantage women have had but now have the windows and doors opening. Unfortunately it will favor the coming generations; not the current. Imwe maningi ma unqualified, na ma ujeni for appointment. But the door is now open. We will soon see women at very high levels without fussing. Patience.


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