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Chief Nkweto of the Bemba people in Chinsali appeals for good road network

Rural News Chief Nkweto of the Bemba people in Chinsali appeals for good road...

Chief Nkweto of the Bemba people in Chinsali in Muchinga Province has called on the government to consider the construction of a good road network from his Chiefdom to the Central Business District.

Chief Nkweto said the construction of a good standard road network will enhance development in the area due to easy and faster movements.

Speaking moments just before his installation ceremony this morning, when Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary paid a courtesy called on him at his palace, Chief Nkweto said road development in the area will delight the people of his chiefdom.

“I wish to thank your government for paying particular attention towards road development and we do not want to remain in that developmental agenda,” he said.

Chief Nkweto further congratulated Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary (PS) for showing remarkable leadership hence maintaining his position as PS.

Chief Nkweto also pledged to work with the United Party for National Development (UPND) new dawn Government in order to foster development in his chiefdom.

The traditional leader also commended President Hakainde Hichilema for his commitment to transforming the country.

He said that he is confident that President Hichilema will transform and turn round the fortunes of the country.

“We are confident that the new dawn Government will transform and turn round the fortunes of this country and improve the lives of Zambian people,” said Chief Nkweto.

And Muchinga Permanent Secretary Davison Mulenga reaffirmed the Provincial Administration’s commitment towards working with traditional leaders in the province to foster development.

Captain Mulenga charged that traditional leaders pay a vital role in the developmental agenda of government, adding that it is significant that they are considered as cooperating partners in the new dawn government.

The Permanent Secretary further congratulated Chief Nkweto the 8th for his Chieftainship.

Late Chief Nkweto whose birth names were Bedson Chimfwembe died on September 10, 2019 after an illness.

Installation of new Chief Nkweto the 8th Cletus Bwalya Mpundu Katalalika 1 is being graced by Muchinga Province Minister Henry Sikazwe who is being represented by Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Davison Mulenga.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu is represented by Koni Village Headman Davies Chansa, a member of the Bemba Royal Establishment.


  1. Unlike the wrong impression that was given in Parliament by Situmbeko and Garry that these areas received massive township road contracts, there has been no works. The only town in that region with good township roads is Chama but it’s inaccessible. I urge the PF to counter the lies that were peddled on the floor of the House by the UPND. They must produce the who list of projects done district by district. If over 1 thousand kilometers of township roads were done in Muchinga then why is there an outcry? Lies have short legs and I advise the UPND not to abuse the goodwill of the people because they’ll soon regret

  2. @Ayatollah, there was no wrong impression given by Musokotwane. He simply stated what is in the books left by your PF government. That is the money PF claim to have spent on road works in each province. The question is where did the money go if no roads were done? And why did the PF and their supporters campaign on the basis of the ‘roads’ they had built all over the country? Why is that that when these PF criminals are questioned for their criminal activities some people cry tribalism? People, you cannot have it both ways.

  3. @Ayatollah – Exactly my thoughts, I concur with your observations. As the saying goes, “history belongs to the victors”, and so it will be the case in this instance, if PF themselves, do not effectively counter some of the supposed failures laid at their door. In my view, Mr S Tembo is doing a better job of detangling some of the spin by UPND, than PF have. And if left unchecked, the narrative will be what the UPND government choose to feed us.

    #plant a tree now!


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