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Dr Kalabo calls for an end to theories on the decentralization policy

General News Dr Kalabo calls for an end to theories on the decentralization...

Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Oliver Kalabo has called for an end to theories on the decentralization policy.

Dr. Kalabo says the country has learnt enough lessons which should create renewed efforts to fully implement the decentralization policy.

Opening the annual National Decentralisation Conference in Lusaka, Dr. Kalabo said the time has come for local Authorities to renew their commitment to intensify efforts in implementing the decentralization policy as the government has shown the political will.

And Parliamentary Local Government Committee Chairperson Darius Mulunda called on the Local Authorities to prudently use the allocated resources to benefit the common person at the grassroots.

Mr. Mulunda noted that the government has shown its commitment to implement the decentralization policy by increasing the constituency development fund from 1-point 6 Million kwacha to 25-point 7 million.

The Annual National Decentralisation conference is being held under the theme “Actualising Decentralization for local development.”


  1. Decentralization means giving autonomy to the regions. Means allowing regions to keep 45-70% of what they produce. Means provinces having their own legistures, governors etc. We are still a long way.!

  2. Even though I support the decentralization process , stong central government is essential………

    Most breakaway regions starts from decentralisation……..

  3. What you expect when their president is a theoretical book worm who has never built not even a running water toilet for his inlaws. It was embarrassing to see how mutintas parents are suffering when the police visited their village .

  4. KZ if you’re that good at building toilets then how did you allow the toilets at UNZA to be in such a state to a point where students opted to use the shopping mall for their business? Just asking, no insults pls.

  5. This guy is a Doctor in what? I cannot understand a Phd holder who thinks theory is nothing. Good theory is born out of practice and provides a helpful guide to practice. As one 18th century thinker Immanuel Kant once said, “practice without theory is blind while theory without practice is sterile. One only hopes Dr. Kalabo is not in the same league as Dr. Proud from Garden Compound.

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