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Former Transport Minister’s Election as MP Nullified for Lunte Constituency

Feature Politics Former Transport Minister's Election as MP Nullified for Lunte Constituency

The Kasama High Court has nullified the Lunte Parliamentary election which was won by former Transport and Communications Minister MUTOTWE KAFWAYA of the Patriotic Front.

Lusaka based High Court Judge WILFRED MUMA who read the ruling before a packed court in Kasama said there were serious issues of bribery, and corruption during the campaigns.

ZANIS reports that Judge MUMA who was sitting in the Kasama High Court made the ruling in Kasama today.

And Mr. KAFWAYA said the court has made the judgment based on what was submitted before them. He said he will however sit down with other stakeholders to decide on the next course of action.

And the petitioner, KATONGO CHASAYA of the ruling UPND has expressed happiness with the judgment saying justice has been delivered. Mr. CHASAYA said he has been vindicated by the judgment stating that the people of Lunte did not choose freely but the winner was imposed on them.

UNPD Deputy Secretary General PATRICK MUCHELEKA who was present in court said the party and its alliance partners have been vindicated

Meanwhile, the court has upheld the election of BRIAN MUNDUBILE as Mporokoso Member of Parliament. Lusaka based High Court Judge CHARLES ZULU who was sitting in Kasama made the ruling in Kasama today. Mr. MUNDUBILE has welcomed the ruling saying the judgment is a sweet victory adding that justice has been done.

Meanwhile, there was commotion at the court grounds as UPND cadres clashed with PF supporters who had come to offer solidarity to Mr. MUNDUBILE.

And the Chipata High Court has upheld the election of Lumezi independent Member of Parliament MUNIR ZULU. Mr. ZULU was petitioned by losing PF candidate PILILA JERE, UPND’s MACDONALD PHIRI and ZELIPA CHITSULO an independent candidate. Lusaka High Court Judge CATHERINE PHIRI dismissed the petitions and declared Mr. ZULU as duly elected Member of Parliament.

In an interview after the judgment, Mr. ZULU said the judgment derailed his programme to work for the people.

But Ms JERE and Ms CHITSULO who were before court during the judgment could not comment on the outcome.

In a related development, Lusaka High Court Judge MWAPE BOWA who is sitting in Chipata has upheld the election of ELIAS DAKA as duly elected Member of Parliament for Msanzala constituency in Lusangazi District. Mr. DAKA described the judgment as fair.

He said it is now time for him to work because the matter has been settled.

And Losing UPND candidate MARGRET ZULU said there is a need to revisit electoral laws.


  1. And the youths trend continues…more by elections and time wasting come 2026 UPND will point at HH’s house in New Kasama as their only achievement….so Cadre Judges will nullify all PF seats

  2. Well, we will see if UPND can win the so many nullified PF seats from Kabushi, Kwacha, Lunte, Kasama Central and Nakonde. It will be a test of their popularity in PF strongholds. We have a party in power that preached against wastage of resources through by-elections. So, let us see what message they are going to take there. As for PF candidates, it will be time to go to the people with a checklist of all promises UPND made and ask people whether they had so far fulfilled these. These by-elections will be interesting to watch. A party that claims to have inherited empty coffers will be contesting so many seats in by-elections at once.

  3. 80 to 90 % of PF MPs used bribery, violence and state machinery to sway voters………..

    Conditions in the country were such that PF could not win any free and fair election

  4. The plan is unfolding for the New Down Govt to reduce PF numbers in the house so that unpalatable bills can easily pass. My advise you cannot obliterate the PF legacy and don’t think you will have it easy during by-elections. UPND won’t have any reference point of achievement in more than 90 days they have been in the office. Some of the 2.8m voters have realized a raw deal whilst 1.8m PF voters are still intact.

  5. It seems the f00Is in upnd think that pf mp nulification= development and fulfilment of ambitious promises given to Zambians.

    When I say pf Will bounce back, some think I am lying. Watch this space

  6. There was too much ukusamwa in the PF camp, flaunting money like flies they forgot that God does not sleep, he sees every move every time

  7. Mr. KAFWAYA said “the court has made the judgment based on what was submitted before them.”, he is acknowledging the court rulling and he is not calling off any insults or attacking HH, Why are these PF cadres more upset than the actual individual nullified PF MPs? NOT EVEN LUSAMBO is so mad about his nillification compared to these LT bloggers, that is strange.!!! No one is attacking you for expressing your views, but you are mistaken if you think such lame accusation will win your party re-election.
    Of the 50 petitions, only 3 have been nullified, how would you call that impartial ruling by the courts?

  8. I still see the bribes, Edgar Lungu tee shirts and chitenges all over the country, which were surely procured with questionable resources. Investigate their boss of these PF MPs who were engaging themselves in questionable acts

  9. Even this Mundubile chap should count himself lucky, we know what was happening on the ground during elections. PF ran the most corrupt campaign in this country through out the country , FTJ and RBs campaigns of yester years look like Childs play to the level corrupt PF regime did things

  10. Elections must be won fairly and hopefully these by elections being created will be held under very free conditions. ECZ must be free under this new govt and let them operate freely to reduce any form of electoral malpractice. Let there be order onwards!

  11. This is the bs our constitution tolerates.
    Let’s roll with it.
    Next it’s the Concourt, it can either uphold or dismiss the ruling by the High Courts.
    The bs continues.
    This is constitutional but the same does not mind the cost the bye election gobbles.
    We need promises to be fulfilled nevertheless. May the upndead not meet the 2/3 majority, Amen.

  12. Hey Guys, do we have lawyers around here? I would like to know what the constitution says in this case where the court nullifies an election; Can the now former MP who has lost the petition stand again in the by-election?

  13. Nostra it’s your ugly fat mother you should feel sorry for, as she has clearly produced a failed f00I as a son , who couldn’t make it in zambia and is now an asylum seeker in America. You are a big embarrassment


  15. @17 Spectre
    am not a Lawyer but i can ask my wife if you want.. she is a Lawyer and i just drive UBER..so i will ask her later tonight when she gets back from work and i will give you her response tomorrow


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