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President Hichilema’s appointments show how difficult it is to professionalize the civil service-Peter Chanda

General News President Hichilema's appointments show how difficult it is to professionalize the...

The New Congress Party has charged that the recent appointment of Permanent Secretaries by President Hakainde Hichilema is an indication that it is difficult to professionalize the civil service.

In an interview, party President Peter Chanda says the appointment of Permanent Secretaries and District Commissioners is contrary to what President Hichilema was saying when he was an opposition leader that he will professionalize the civil service once voted into power.

Pastor Chanda has since commended President Hichilema for upholding the principle of honoring people that have stood with him during the time he was in opposition.

“President Hakainde Hichilema’s appointment of even District Commissioners demonstrate the fact that he is one leader that stands by his people,” Pastor Chanda said.

“I want to put these facts on record which he stated before whilst PF was in government, contrary to what President Hakainde Hichilema was saying when he was in opposition. When he was in opposition he was saying he shall scrap off and professionalize the office of the district Commissioner which today he has done exactly what is supposed to be done rightly,” he added.

The New Congress Party leader further stated that a Permanent Secretary is supposed to be a person that is able to provide leadership in the ministry in making sure that public resources are properly accountable for and also ensure that government runs smoothly.

“Secondly, a District Commissioner is a civil servant who has political inclination at district level who is also there to provide leadership in addressing challenges that people are going through,” Pastor Chanda explained.

He noted that President Hichilema’s appointment of DCs and the subsequent appointment of Permanent Secretaries sends a strong signal to other senior government officials at directorate level that they should not sabotage government operations in an effort that they are also appointed as Permanent Secretaries.

Pastor Chanda has since appealed to government officials at directorate level to operate independently and professionally without any political inclination.

He has since commended President Hichilema for standing up for his people by appointing some of them as District Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries and for showing to the whole world that you cannot professionalize the civil service.


  1. This one also attention seeking trying to get HH’s attention…commending commending that’s what we are hearing now from job seekers and those who still want to hold on to their jobs….commending everything even if it doesn’t make sense

  2. This man is saying two different things! Am I the only one seeing that?
    HH promised to ‘proffesionalize’ the civil service, he has appointed cadres only. This is good because it shows he is loyal to his people, other people should not be unhappy even if they are party members.
    HH said he would not politicize the civil service, but today he has done the opposite which is the correct thing. Huh?

  3. I think we should move away from this habit of anyone making statements and the media should self regulate to ensure that time wasters like this one are not tolerated,no wonder under Lungu even Kalimanshi could be covered by ZNBC.Who is this person?Recently he was worshipping the greatl leader as they called visionless Lungu,no sooner than the great leader was given a good hiding,he is now all over HH.Does his party even comply with the law?

  4. Peter Chanda the PF Cadre and President of a political party which does not even have a single branch, ward or constituency Chairman in any part of the country is still talking. His nuclear family voted for HH, surprisingly he still has some voice. These are politicians who should be ignored

  5. @7 Chiza Chirwa
    i noticed too….he is saying two different things…blaming and commending at the same time….normaly these guys are opening their mouths so that they can get HH’s attention….they’re trying to imitate Sean Tembo

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