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Mushimba commends UPND government for not abandoning Zambia Airways project

Economy Mushimba commends UPND government for not abandoning Zambia Airways project

Former Transport Minister Brian Mushimba has commended the UPND government for following through the Zambia Airways project

Zambia Airways which was restarted by the PF government when Dr Mushimba was Minister in charge of Transport and Communications is due to take to the skies on December 1st 2021.

Dr Mushimba said he is glad that the new government has not abandoned the project.

“Glad the new government saw it prudent to build on where this was left and have gone ahead with the launch,” Dr Mushimba said.

He said a National Airline has so much upside that it would have been a mistake to have abandoned the project.

“We just urge them to address any issues with the partnership agreements so that benefits accrue to the partners in proportional measure.”

Dr Mushimba also hoped that lessons have been learnt from the demise of the original Zambia Airways.

“Yes we pray that lessons have been learnt from the collapse of the airline earlier and the success of this new launch be prioritized.”

He said, “The blueprint for success is certainly there and we wish them well. I will be flying them whenever I’m on routes they will be serving.”


  1. Looks like the newly discovered word by Lusaka Times is ” commending”…..,,,and is HH being commended for beating Rupiah Banda’s globetrotting record…..HH will clock a million miles in less than 6 months

  2. Tanzania did it, why can’t we did it also…as Mr integrity himself Hon. Gile would say. Let us concentrate on what we can do for our country rather than how we can divide it for ourselves. Famers get ready to feed the sky restaurants, airport maintenance tiye, makwebo, tiye, engineering, tiyeni, Tea olo Coffee, Tiyende pamodzi ndi mutima umo.

  3. It’s the biggest mistake that Bally will regret later. National airlines are ALWAYS loss making. And almost half the shares are owned by Ethiopian Airlines, a country at war! Nobody is flying ET anymore………

  4. UPND came into power when all the work was done, just waiting for the launch day which was delayed due to Covid 19 and one or two things left.
    What exactly has UPND done in the last 100 days to Zambia Airways that this guy talking about.

  5. “Yes we pray that lessons have been learnt from the collapse of the airline earlier”

    Coming from someone who was in charge of the project. In precise terms no tangible lesson has been been learned. Otherwise he would know the lessons learned. Another Zambia Airways failed project looming.

  6. They should just leave proflight and Zambezi airline do there thing. Why bring unnecessary competition to the private sector? This Zambia Airways will be so cheap and will push proflight and zambezi out of business. Once the 2 are gone it will also be gone because the cheap tickets will not be able to maintain the aircrafts. We have seen this movie before.

  7. I always thought mushimba was an OK minister………

    Partnering with Ethiopian airlines was one of the smartest things PF GRZ did……..

    The Ethiopians bring unrivaled african expertise to the Zambian airline business…

    If managed well , there is enough money for everyone to be made from flying passengers in zambia, ………

    If and only if………..

    the shark middle men from the clique are cut out of the fuel air supply and other contracts at the airports…….they add unnecessary costs.

  8. You PF wasted so much money on this project already that upnd had no choice but to carry on with it so as not to let all that money go to waste.

  9. I agree with him that GRZ should look at the partnership especially that Zambia should benefit. Mushimba worked hard and not a typical politician who wanted to take advantage of Zambians but wanted a service to Zambia. Thats why his objective. Might be someone the UPND can use/ consider especially with his expertise in Energy.

  10. Jan 2018 Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has criticized government’s move to relaunch Zambia Airways describing the decision as a waste of tax payers money.
    And Mr Hichilema has accused those pushing for the relaunch of Zambia Airways of planning to use the airline to bring in drugs, money laundering activities and corruption.

    Mr Hichilema said the project to relaunch Zambia Airways which was defunct in 1994 is a waste of public resources as the project is not economically viable.

    He was speaking on Thursday when he featured on a live Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM.

    Mr Hichilema advised the Zambian government to start constructing toilets in markets than forming an airline.

    “An airline in Zambia today, given our geographical position in the center with so many…


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