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State drops Charge of Attempted Murder Against Former Defence Minister Davies Chama

General News State drops Charge of Attempted Murder Against Former Defence Minister Davies Chama

The State has dropped the attempted murder charge against Former Defence Minister, Davies Chama and his co-accused Brian Dumisan Nyoni.

The duo is now charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm with intent, contrary to the Laws of Zambia. Mr Chama and Mr Nyoni have been granted K100, 000 bail each in their own recognizance.

This was when they appeared before Sesheke resident magistrate Chama Nkaka.

It is alleged that Chama and Nyoni on June 6, 2015 in Mulobezi of Western Province jointly and while acting together, with intent to maim, disfigure or disable, or to do some grievous harm, unlawfully wounded and caused grievous harm to Mushaukwa Mushaukwa during a by-election.

The matter has since been adjourned to December 9th, 2021. The accused persons have been behind bars for 11 days.

Last week Police jointly charged and arrested Mr Chama aged 57 of New Kasama for the offence of Attempted Murder Contrary to Section 215 Subsection(a) of CAP 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Also charged alongside Mr Chama was Brain Dumisani Nyoni aged 47 of Matero Compound Lusaka, a former Diplomatic Staff at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia.

According to a statement by Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, it is alleged that the two persons on the 6th June, 2015 in Sichili of Mulobezi District of Republic of Zambia jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown did attempt to unlawfully cause the death of Mushaukwa Mushaukwa aged 47 of Shesheke.


  1. Kajoba had to wait for instructions from the VP for him to follow the law on length of detention. I can see this is gonna be worse than the PF Reign of Terror.

  2. We told you that this case wasn’t going anywhere because it was politically motivated. Chama was arrested because of his strong statements against HH. Kajoba is being used but it will come to pass

  3. Even the bail amount is rediclously high for a case of ordinary assault. Bottom line is that these chaps were attacked by a mob and had to defend themselves.

  4. So Saulosi has been vindicated….now time to sue the government and get paid…..government of lies and rumors even the President gets news from Zambia whistleblower you can imagine

  5. It is easier to prove and convict a case of assault and unlawful wounding than attempted murder. You need prove intent beyond reasonable doubt hence the reviewing of the charges. Mr Chama may still end up serving the maximum sentence for assault because he discharged a firearm.

  6. Not one case is strong to proceed to courts.
    Not even one case of corruption.
    It was all just talk as campaign gimmic.
    Zambians have been duped in the name of
    Corruption fight.Bally flying all over as nothing better for zambians.same economic
    Woes to face if not worse.

  7. The witness is there , he was shot by chama……..

    Look at the clique supporters above used of PF violence against zambia as if it is nothing ………

    Chama will be charged , GBH is a serious charge, ……….

    We know you PF think maiming and assaulting Zambians was part of governing………

    Well, we have news for you………..

    All cases of murder, assault and violence will be investigated ……

    Plenty more charges to follow……….

  8. That’s why I was laughing when this case was reported. I even spoke with Mr chama during his detention and he we laughed about it all. Upnd are wasting time on irrelevant battles

  9. ,#1.1 Gambitto. First good morning. Why do you read my postings if you you want to forget me? You remember as kids when you reacted to a nickname, it stuck, if you ignored it people stopped using it. Same with you and your cohorts… the more you react to my opinion the more I enjoy it….it means I am saying the truth.

  10. LOL. Kaya, we really need to retrain our police, it’s a wonder the minister of Home Affairs failed to give direction here, he is a seasoned lawyer.
    That case is nearly impossible to prove, and now we have backtracked, and why the 11 days?
    Our police need to exercise restraint, investigate a case properly, consult their lawyers and only effect an arrest when they are convinced of a conviction.
    Serious countries have a 98 percent chance of conviction when they take a matter to court. We have a lot to learn.

  11. @12 Chiza Chirwa, are you sure Jack Mwiimbu is a seasoned lawyer? Is he the chap that prepared a useless petition with Martha which John Sangwa struggled to correct? He was one of those dull legal officers in the council. He can’t be a seasoned lawyer just because he is old, there must be results at the bar

  12. I don’t know that case you are referring to specifically, but this is a simple issue that even someone who is one day old at the bar ought to know.
    What this tells me, is that Mwiimbu simply opted to pay a blind eye to this.
    I long for a day when we shall have fearless leaders who will stand for the truth. Imagine if he came out and chided the police for their unlawful detention.
    Silence in the face of injustice speaks volumes. Our journalists are also failing us, these are questions they should have asked HH at the airport.

  13. I dont know how people on LT are fretting over 11 days spent in detention because of shooting someone…………

    Some UPND members spent a whole year in detention for nothing more than opposing lungu……….

    With many more spending months in detention for nothing……..

  14. I can imagine if elections were held today even Sean Tembo would beat HH….now he’s enjoying hotels and Presidential challenger….meanwhile loadsheding is wrecking havoc….youths still no jobs…Political and selective tribal prosecution on the rise…

    @Gambito you the only supporting HH almost every sane Zambian has abandoned him

  15. But why reduce the charge when the baboon look alike intended to kill.. police should be serious,,, looks like Zp dnt even knw what to charge these maniacs with

  16. @ Nostradumus
    Yes these officials and alot of Zambians go through these comments every day so they can understand how bloggers feel and for bloggers like Spaka calling voters “dogs”….yes 2026 i dont think “dogs” will vote for HH…PEOPLE ARE WATCHING AND LISTENING

  17. Police in zambia need serious training always making blunders like keystone cops. Even during PF they charge someone for treason for a traffic offense and now they charge someone for attempted murder for an assault.

  18. Trial and error Government.
    VEEP had to apologize in Parley. What a bunch of inexperienced government.
    Kindly sue Kajoba in his personal capacity for defamation and wrongful detention.
    H² and his erring appointed goons must understand what the rule of law means.
    Who does that?
    Let Kajoba resign.


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