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Felix Mutati says his ministry plans to re-profile Science and Industrial research as a driver of Technology

Economy Felix Mutati says his ministry plans to re-profile Science and Industrial...

The government has lamented that the country has for a long time now underplayed science and industrial research which is key towards achieving the development agenda aspired.

Technology and science minister Felix Mutati said it is, for this reason, his ministry plans to re-profile science and industrial research as a driver of technology.

Mr. Mutati said without science and industrial research, the development agenda for the country will not happen.

Mr. Mutati said the country has the basic equipment but there has been a lame approach in terms of converting the capabilities into solutions hence, the ministry will put in more energy in elevating research components of the national remote sensing center and the national institute for scientific research.

The minister also noted that the nuclear research unit the country has been talking about has been misplaced because the critical component which should be focused on should have been dealing with health and agriculture.

He said instead the focus on nuclear research has been centered on energy when the dividends are in health, science and therefore, the ministry’s energy will be put on the nuclear component of health and agriculture.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mutati said his ministry will embark on having a graduate-propelled innovation hub where graduates from institutions can transform and crank their academic ideas into industrial solutions as a matter of priority.

He said while the country has the infrastructure, what has been missing is the ambition and motivation, but with the establishment of his ministry, he will ensure that science and industrial research is re-profiled to be the key driver of technology.

Mr. Mutati said this is taking into consideration that human capabilities and intellect is abundant but what has been missing is translating this into output.



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