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Former Petauke DC Velenasi Banda Moyo arrested over NRC issuance for kids scam

General News Former Petauke DC Velenasi Banda Moyo arrested over NRC issuance for kids...

Police have charged and arrested former Petauke District Commissioner Ms. Moyo aged 44 of Petauke for one count of Abuse of Authority of office Contrary to Section 99.

Mrs. Moyo is also jointly charged for Intent to Deceive Contrary to Section 344A(a) of CAP 87 with Goodson Lungu aged 50 of Nyansimbo Village Chief Mwanjabantu Petauke, a Patriotic Front Chairman for Kaumbwe Constituency.

In a statement, Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoomga, it is alleged that the duo, on a date unknown between 1st August and 30th September 2020, jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown, did aid more than One thousand under-aged children ranging between five and 15 years to obtain National Registration Cards.

Mr Hamoonga says the children subsequently obtained Voter’s cards.

He says the accused persons are currently in custody as Police await the accused to fulfill police bond conditions to be released.


  1. @Deja Vu
    I have a problem with all these arrests because non of them will end up in Jail….so I think it makes no sense just arresting people and letting them go Scott free…she’ll just spend a few hours at the Police Station and after that they’ll let her go and that will be the end of story……

  2. I don’t remember of any Politician who did time in Jail….they just arrest them…..and the majority of them their cases just dies without even seeing the Judge…..

  3. I remember when I was doing Court report Journalism in RSA there’s what we call tenacity meaning you have to follow up the case till the final outcome…but in Zambia the media is only interested in the arrest…whatever happens after that no one really cares….there’s one case that I remember of Mr Sydney Chileshe who was ZEGA boss…he was sentenced to 10 years in Prison for growing Cannabis and drug trafficking….i don’t know if he did his time or not

  4. @Moto
    Still talking about PF kikikikiki….UPND is in charge now why don’t you concentrate on fulfilling your promises….no electricity in Zambia for 3 days straight from today….this never used to happen…just for a couple of hours not 3 to 4,5 days straight no electricity

  5. #3 Saulosi… looking at the story again I wonder how a ECZ official can issue a voters registration card to five years old. By law you are cannot do business with a minor. So the guilty person is the issuer of the documents. If they say they were under some pressure, then the whole election was not free and fair as declared by international observers.

  6. @Deja Vu
    You’re 100% right…the international observers said the elections were free and fair because it was the opposition winning…..now imagine if it was Lungu who won the elections with all these nullifications going on….am sure they should have been some serious violence in Zambia and I personally think God allowed opposition to win for the sake of peace in Zambia…..and again this case of Velenasi won’t go anywhere

  7. If there is enough proof then please let these pipo be jailed so as to deter others from going to the same path in future elections.

  8. Kaiser must be expecting visitors at any time soon. Hiding behind an encouragement will certainly not protect him. Payback time is near.

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