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Ndola Mayor urges Residents to clear up drainages to prevent flooding

General News Ndola Mayor urges Residents to clear up drainages to prevent flooding

Ndola Mayor, Jones Kalyati has urged residents in areas prone to floods to open up drainages at their premises to prevent flooding.

Mr Kalyati said it was not only the work of the local authority to unblock drainages but that communities should be involved.

“I am appealing to the community to work with the authority in unblocking drainages in their various homes,” he said.

Mr Kalyati said it is through floods that water-borne diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and cholera can affect the people hence the need for every household to start opening drainages at their premises.

He said in an interview with ZANIS in Ndola that the council had embarked on opening up drainages in areas prone to flooding using last year’s ward development funds.

Mr Kalyati said currently an assessment was being conducted to identify areas that had experienced flooding.

“I wish to throw my blame on climate change, you realize that every time we are being caught unaware because of climate change and we are only learning when the time is at hand.

He added that the opening up of drainages in those areas is being done in conjunction with the community.

Mr Kalyati is hopeful that with the coming of the K25 million constituency development fund allocation permanent drainages would be constructed.

And some residents in Ndola’s Chifubu are happy with the Councils move of opening up drainages in prone areas.

Mike Mwaba said most areas in Ndola are being affected by floods due to lack or blocked drainages destroying properties and houses.

“It is very important for the council and people in communities to work together in unblocking drainages so that they can prevent disasters through floods from occurring”, he said


  1. Communities pay the council levies to do such jobs. This is but a sign of a failed government. Do your job dont come with army tactics to grab free labour from citizens who have plenty of other things to worry about

  2. Is this government normal? It is even using money allocated to them last year by who? With all the Levies and taxes that are paid why should I be doing the work for the council.

  3. UTH Graduate your inability to make sound judgement is bloodcurdling. In Singapore citizens pay taxes, levies but they don’t litter, spit, chew gum and any other nuisance that you expect the government to clean after you. How I wish I knew the UTH faculty from which you graduated. I hope
    I am not asking too much of you considering yesterday you inferred that I play Golf with Tramp at Mar-a-Lago without any conjuncture with facts

  4. Both the council and residents have a role to play. Although we pay levies we should not deliberately throw litter anyhow. The council should also get tough on those who throw rubbish in drains. Council must ensure those employees who are supposed to maintain the townships do their work. these people sometimes don’t even report for work but start drinking from morning and nobody seems to care.

  5. Drainages MUST are underneath..Cover the whole lot and turn it to walking/cycling way. Where he is standing is littered by plastics, which play a role in bloking the drainage. I explore him to visit developed countries and see how the drainage systems are.

  6. @Deja vu and Maganizo you want to pretend that Singapore service delivery is equal to Zambia’s! Zambia is lightyears away from singapore. In Singapore they have trash bins and cleaners and smart public toilets everywhere.. They used the tax and levies from the citizens wisely. The citizen has no excuse for littering. If the local government officials stops stealing from city coffers Ndola, Lusaka, Kitwe Chipata can have these facilities and noone will throw rubbish in the drains. Paul Kagame has just cleaned up Kigali with such progressive strategies

  7. @Kilimanjaro, your idea is even cheaper. What is expensive is “thinking”. Anyway, don’t compare your Finland, those people THINK…. and that’s why their country is CLEAN. They think and do things cheap and cleannnnnnnnnnn!

  8. Good move to our hardworking mayor even here in ndeke malasha area we’ve got drainages that needs urgent attention as a community we are ready to work hand in hand with the council so that we eliminate this problem am sure even our councilor he is aware of this program

  9. It is the responsibility of the citizens to not throw garbage anyhow so that the drains don’t get blocked in the first place. If and when the drains to get blocked for whatever reason, it is also the responsibility of local government to unblock the drains.

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