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We have not backtracked, we will fulfill all campaign promises within the five years mandate-Kangombe

Feature Politics We have not backtracked, we will fulfill all campaign promises within...

United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that it has not backtracked and will fulfill all campaign promises within the five years mandate. UPND Deputy Mobilization and strategy chairman Romeo Kangombe has charged that the previous regime had caused ‘Deep Economic damages to the country which require well-calculated strategies to be repaired.

“Sometimes if you want to jump high, you need to take a step back. UPND has not back tracked on its promises but the damage that was caused was deep. We need to stabilize the economy before we can finally settle. The economy was in ICU’ and we need to bring it back to life and some injections might pain a little bit but in the end we shall all rejoice. We have a five years mandate and trust me we shall deliver.” Said Romeo.

Kangombe who is also the Member of Parliament for Sesheke Constituency Said President Hakainde Hichilema has achieved so much in 100 days most of which the Patriotic Front (PF) failed to achieve in 10years.

“Those PF surrogates who yapping are jealous because UPND in 100 days has achieved what they failed to achieve in 10 years. In 10years PF failed to give the local authorities power to run markets and bus stations but UPND managed within hours of taking office. Today prices of goods and services have stabilized as opposed to previous days were prices were going up every day. President Hichilema has restored the image of our country globally and investor confidence has been boosted. The UPND has presented the best budget ever and PF surrogates are not happy. By end of next year, Zambia will never be the same again, we are headed for greatness” said the Sesheke lawmaker.

Kangombe has since advised youths and women to make sure they benefit from various government empowerment programs by registering cooperatives.


  1. I remember someone said UPND had copied the PF Manifesto. So this year they will just be commissioning PF projects.

  2. Where I come from there’s a dance called AKALELA. When dancing the leader will say forward but the followers instead will be moving backwards. Sad thing is that your president promised to do things within hours and maximum two weeks. So now we are dancing AKALELA.

  3. ECL built govt offices you are using now.
    ECL built the airports you are using to fly in and out of the country.
    ECL did the KAZUNGULA bridge.
    ECL upgraded Maina Soko and LEVY hospitals and built other clinics and mini hospital across the country.
    ECL built houses for our men in uniform( police, immigration, prisons)
    ECL did roads and opened up the country.
    ECL upgraded SOLWEZI CHINGOLA road.

  4. Watile ukapanga Road—-BUFI !!!
    Watile ukatupela inchito—–BUFI
    Watile ukabwesha Dollar- BUFI
    Watile ukabwesha umutengo wa Fertilizer- BUFI
    Watile ukatulundila salary—- BUFI

  5. I don’t know if this guy lives in the same country called Zambia that we live in!
    Which prices have stabilised and are going down?
    How is that possible if the kwacha is depreciating against the dollar since we are an import oriented economy?
    Ala fimbi kwikalafye ngataukwete ifyakulanda
    Kuwayawaya fye!

  6. He is thinking that people are still sleeping and hypnotised as they were on 12 August 2021.
    Now reality is coming back home to finish you up.

  7. All of you who voted, and now sorry, do you know what true lies are? You are yet to learn! There will be no miracles..at least, now you know!

    #plant a tree now please!

  8. UPND is trying to clean the mess PF left. And PF is yapping wolf wolf. Those who stole, the arm of the law will visit you. Those who served well God bless you. UPND is just getting started. Give them a chance and we the Zambian people will be the judge, not you PF operatives. Know that, Zambians are not gullible. Show some remorse, maybe we can reconsider you. But the way you are coming out, it seems you are not repentant for your sins

  9. New dark government should stop blaming PF for its failures.

    I am urging upnd to start fixing the economy they knew when they were in opposition.

    You campaigned to fix the economy and not blaming PF for everything. A good government will even give credit were its due.

  10. Straight zedian.
    I don’t believe you that UPND is cleaning up anything , if they were they wouldn’t have gone to IMF to bring more problems to the Zambian people , when you are cleaning your house you don’t bring more rubbish in the house, what you do is clear everything and put it in the right places.
    But what we are seeing is total confusion, they closing indeni and throw our people in the streets and adding more hardships to our people.
    They are now busy and in a hurry to increase prices of fuel and adding more tariffs to electricity I don’t know what you are talking about, here you don’t have to be partisan but must be considerate to our silent majority who cannot say anything about this terrible situation they are being subjected to.

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