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Government is not compelling anyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19-Masebo

Headlines Government is not compelling anyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19-Masebo

Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo has clarified that the government is not compelling anyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19 against their will.

Following an outcry from a cross-section of society, Ms. Masebo said that people have an option to either get vaccinated or not, adding that Government will not take the right of citizens away but that it has a responsibility to protect citizens by ensuring they get vaccinated.

Ms. Masebo said that consultations were conducted with some Public Service unions and that these discussions will continue with various stakeholders.

Ms. Masebo said that Zambians are free to engage in constructive debate on Covid-19 measures put in place and that Government is taking note of the discussions.

Speaking during an update on the Covid-19 situation in the country, the Health Minister said Government will continue assessing the situation and engaging various stakeholders to determine the best way to handle the imminent threat of the 4th wave.

She expressed happiness with the increase in the number of people getting vaccinations following the revision of Covid 19 restrictions.

Ms.Masebo said 12, 239 vaccine doses were administered in the last 24 hours, representing 8 percent of the targeted population.

And, Zambia National Public Health Institute Director-General Victor Mukonka said Covid vaccines are safe and effective.

Prof. Mukonka said the vaccines are prequalified by the World Health Organization and are approved locally by the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Infectious Diseases Director, Lloyd Mulenga said three Zambians had traveled to South Africa and tested positive to Covid-19 upon return on Saturday.

Prof. Mulenga says the three are under observation to determine the type of Covid 19 variant that they have and that results will be communicated to the public.

Meanwhile, the country has recorded 19 cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours out of 4 694 tests.


  1. People can be dull.
    Even using condoms is not a forcing matter, that’s why there so many pregnancies among teenagers.

  2. She didn’t clarify on government buildings. Do We have to produce a covid certificate to access government buildings? What about the fees of K1000, K250 are they still in force?

  3. Chipante pante govt. They don’t know if they are going or coming. They cannot tell their right foot from the left one. Ifikopo. Empty Tins !!

  4. This govt is full with a banch of liars. Today the VP was caught red-handed lying on presidential expenditure resulting in opposition MPs to walk out.

  5. Just read through want was posted yesterday, listen to her speech, Where her said no one will be allowed to enter government offices if they have not taken the vaccine, hahaha now because of pressure she has done a ka u turn…Shame

  6. Here are the “tough” measures announced by the Health Minister earlier that included prohibiting anyone without a Covid certificate from entering government offices, and the requirement for all Civil Servants to be vaccinated: https://www.lusakatimes.com/2021/11/29/zambia-introduces-touch-covid-19-measures-vacination-for-civil-servants-to-be-mandatory/

    It would be acceptable for the Health Minister to say that she was misquoted, but to deny altogether that she never said what was reported???


  7. Why is there so much pressure to vaccinate… considering the fact that the vaccine is useless against the Omicron variant, as suggested by experts and proven by the upheaval in the widely-vaccinated Europe.

    Is it because the vaccines don’t have takers… and maybe they are due to expire soon? You dont know what to tell the donors if they expire on us, right? Thats why the target for 2million by christmas? Are they expiring on the 31st of December? Tell us Madam Doctor

  8. It shows how dull or selfish some people can be. Just know that eventually all will end up being vaccinated but the flow of information and personal conviction is what determines ones choice. If you lose a loved one for instance, the very experience will force you to get it even if it doesn’t guarantee safety. Lets sober up and not making hasty decisions which will make you a chipantepante government.

  9. Madam Minister of Health.. what are high risk countries, who will be quarantined for 10 days and where… Are illegal entry points now kitted with covid test kits as you mentioned…Thanks in advance for a comprehensive response.

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