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It is wrong to subject people to a vaccine, against their will-Dr. Brian Sampa

Health It is wrong to subject people to a vaccine, against their will-Dr....

Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) President Dr. Brian Sampa says it is wrong to subject people to a vaccine, against their will.
Dr. Sampa says people have a right to choose what goes into their bodies.

RDAZ President Dr. Brian Sampa says the announcement by government should have been made after consultations with all stakeholders.

He says what should be done is intensive sensitization so that people make an informed decision on whether or not to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr Sampa adds that this should have been done in phases as most health workers have been told by medical superintendents not to report for work if they are not vaccinated a move he says will affect patients.

On Sunday night Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo at a joint press briefing announced measures among them the proof of vaccination for people who wish to access government buildings as well as the civil service to access working places subject to consultations.

However, the minster has since retracted her position with the following statement

Earlier today we clarified Government’s position on the “Mandatory Vaccination” debate that ensued across the Country as we gave the Covid-19 current update.

We stated, in clear terms, that the Government is not compelling anyone to get vaccinated against their will. Citizens have every right to choose whether to get the dose or not.

We are not here to take the rights of Citizens away but we have a collective responsibility as your Government to safeguard your lives and one such way is through vaccinations, more reason for our push towards this program.

We are elated, however, at the response from Citizens across the country who have turned up in numbers to get vaccinated, this is very impressive. We wish to call on many others to respond to this Clarion call for it is meant for the better good of all of us.

We shall continue to engage various stakeholders and experts on this matter so as to get the best possible outcomes for our citizens.

We also want to encourage you the citizens to engage into healthy debates, consult from experts and also advise us on how you think we should undertake certain decisions, we shall be all ears.

Ours is to safeguard your lives and we shall indeed do our level best.

Hon. Sylvia Masebo, MP
Minister of Health


  1. Stop using your profession to make political statements. Most of you pro PF professionals are weaponising your professions

  2. Doctoriod Sampa, human rights are not absolute. There are exceptions in democratic societies for example where security of a state is put at risk. The public health exception is even obvious to a witch doctor.

  3. I strongly agree that while it is government’s responsibility to protect citizens , it is also government’s responsibility to ensure that their rights are respected. in other known countries, human rights are a luxury and therefore can never be accommodated.

  4. Fire them these reckless Ministers for causing unnecessary alarm in the country.
    Forcing vaccination? Huhmmmm! Do they still wonder why Dzaka nama years you can’t force someone to get an HIV test against their will?
    Tough luck with recent interesting press statements from the news dark Government.

  5. Ones rights to refuse, ends when my right to get vaccinated, to be protected against disease begin. All we are saying is, if you choose to use your right Not to get vaccinated, don’t put others at risk and stay away from others who choose to protect themselves. Why should I be treated by an unvaccinated doctor or nurse who chooses not to get vaccinated? Please don’t abuse human rights for selfish reasons. Stay home.don’t go to peoples offices, Public health trumps individual rights .

  6. This is a quack doctor – this a pandemic which require state emergency. Public Health is a responsibility of public officials and true medical professions. However, this Dr. Sampa fellow is seeking spotlight and 2 seconds of fame with this stupid Human Rights b…t!

  7. My family and I are fully vaccinated and will get any vaccines we are asked to. Why would I listen to an African, who has failed to manage simple things in their countries, over successful competent scientific advice from the west?

  8. Have the vaccines been approved? Do they have any side-effects? Are the side effects being reported in the media? If not, then it is very risk to have them.
    God bless Zambia!

  9. Why is it that once voted in power these politicians don’t learn from their predecessor’s mistakes? I think this is the consequence of recycling politicians. We are being faced with the same problem of making pronouncements before consulting and then backtracking. Stop such costly behavior. Why is the president quiet on the issue or is he thinking of another trip? This is very disappointing.

  10. Dr Sampa was it your will to get the BCG vaccine after you got born? Im sure you will evoke your mother’s rights but it wasn’t even your parents will because the state was waiting for you with the syringes or they wouldn’t have allowed you in their schools and clinics if you came in later with a cough.

  11. The Covid-19 vaccine should be MANDATORY. Like you MUST have a driving license when you want to drive a car, you MUST take a vaccine when you go into public life i.e. markets, buses, hospitals, offices etc. Government should just make a LAW for that

  12. This guy doesn`t know what he is saying, Covid-19 is real, don`t try to make political points on the cost of other people`s lives. Don`t listen to this guy`s shallow thinking, it is your life and take care of it. This has nothing to do with human rights, it has to do with life and death. Those that have died with this disease are not stupid, get real Dr Useless !!!

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