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Netherlands detected Omicron cases a week earlier than South Africa: Dutch authorities

General News Netherlands detected Omicron cases a week earlier than South Africa: Dutch authorities

Dutch health authorities said on Tuesday that the new Covid-19 variant was present in the Netherlands a week earlier than previously believed, and checks are under way to see how far it has spread.

The RIVM National Health and Environment Institute said it “has found the corona variant Omicron in two test samples that had already been taken in the Netherlands … on November 19 and 23”.

The first cases in the Netherlands had been thought to be the 14 Omicron infections on two KLM flights from South Africa that arrived in Amsterdam on Friday, November 26.
However,the two earlier Dutch infections also came before South Africa first reported the new strain on November 24 to the World Health Organization, which has designated Omicron a variant of concern.

Following South Africa’s announcement of detecting the omicron variant several countries including the USA and UK were swift in imposing a travel ban on southern African countries.
The World Health Organization on Sunday urged countries around the world not to impose flight bans on southern African nations due to concerns over the new Omicron COVID-19 variant.

WHO’s regional director for Africa, Matshidiso Moeti, called on countries to follow science and international health regulations in order to avoid using travel restrictions.


  1. Let us get used to this new way of life. But what I won’t support is mandatory or forcing vaccinations like the upnd are doing

  2. Westerners will just never stop punishing Africans for no reason at all, The corona virus issues has revealed just how deep they hate us. From the unequal distribution of vaccine to the segregation brought about bu the new covid variant, we are simply dispensable to to. time to change alliances. Lets work with Asians for a change. Lets dump the Commonwealth club for change. Who even benefits from the commonwealth the most anyway? The commonwealth club killed our culture , languages, yet we still promote Egnlish and english culture. Mugabe put it well–its just a club!

  3. You see sometimes it’s better to keep quiet. Netherlands didn’t announce their discovery and so were saved from restrictions while South Africa announced and were punished.

  4. This is the time to show that we are a sovereign Country.

    “sovereign.” This means that they have power over themselves; their government is under their own control, rather than under the control of an outside authority.”

  5. Razor, I agree. I think S. African scientists thought they’d be lauded as heroes and smart. It backfired. They should have kept their mouths shut and continue monitoring omicron virus in SA quietly. I can guarantee you other western countries with their high anti-vaxxers especially America, Brazil and maybe china also have it but kept quiet about it.they’re only going to come out now that they have an Africa angle as a scapegoat.

  6. It’s indeed high time we got used to this disease and it’s variants and moved on with our lives. There’s no way the whole world can be held hostage by a single disease – out of how many? Start counting..

  7. You are now feeling the love we warned you about. If they can do this with a virus what do you think they are doing with your natural resources?

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