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Rising HIV infections have the potential to reverse the gains made so far-Masebo

Headlines Rising HIV infections have the potential to reverse the gains made so...

Health Minister, Sylvia Masebo is concerned that the rising HIV infections have the potential to reverse the gains made so far. Ms. Masebo has disclosed that the country in 2020, recorded 51 000 new HIV infections.

Speaking during commemorations of World AIDS Day in Lusaka yesterday, the Health Minister said there is a need to address inequalities in the cultural, economic, social, and legal spheres.

Ms. Masebo said Government will fast-track inequalities that drive HIV to end AIDS by the year 2030.

She said Government will carry out a review of existing policies and strategies to give the country better health outcomes.

Ms. MASEBO also flagged off a campaign to accelerate the administration of 2 million COVID-19 vaccines by Christmas this year.

And United States Embassy Acting Chargé ‘D’Affaires, Sheryl Stumbras said there is an urgent need to continue addressing inequalities that fuel HIV and AIDS as well as factors that prevent people from accessing quality health care.

Ms. Stumbras said addressing stigma and discrimination is critical to ending AIDS.

Meanwhile, United Nations Resident Coordinator Coumba Mar Gadio who was represented by UNAIDS Country Director Tharcisse Barihuta said ending AIDS by 2030 is possible but that this is dependent on collective efforts and a strong political will.

Dr. Mar Gadio said Zambia continues to face numerous challenges in ending HIV with 1 point 5 million Zambians living with the virus and that the country is one of those hardest hit in the region.

Speaking at the same event, Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata bemoaned the prevalence rate for HIV in Lusaka which stands at 15 point 1 percent and that it is higher than the National one which is at 11 percent.

The theme for this year’s World AIDS Day is ‘End inequalities, end AIDS, end pandemics’.


  1. What was the route cause of this Hiv pandemic? is from a laboratory?ist from from a chimpanzee? along as you dont address the route cause the fight will be as good a boxer in the ring throwing his blows in the air.

  2. They will without a question take arvs and yet question the covid vaccines. F00ls. Can you forcefully jab the entire country

  3. Most of our people in Zambia are vey reckless with their lifestyles. People have to learn to take responsibilities and the truth is that most of the people today are not. Then how do you expect to win the battle?

  4. Let them die. Some people are unteachable. Look at their attitude towards Covid and vaccinations. They have become all knowing Pan-Africanists, Human rights champions and sceptics of western science and vaccines. This is despite the fact that they themselves got jabbed with vaccines against TB, Polio, Chickenpox, mumps etc. And have also taken their babies for vaccination. Year in year out, they scream about lack of medicine and equipment in their hospitals……yes Western medicine and equipment!! And some of them with money go abroad looking for western treatment. They no longer fear HIV/AIDs because Western antivirals will keep them alive.

  5. So chaps have stopped keeping it in the [email protected] ka? Muzamwalila a mambala. Don’t think covid is taking over HIV. Tikali nayo-nayo. Continue ARVs, and sheathing. Covid is not replacing HIV a mambala.

  6. This is a result of using fake condoms supplied by honeybee and Chilufya.

    Let the victims sue Chilufya in a class action.

    Counter sue this thief please.

  7. KZ, stop using honeybee testing kits please.

    Those kits always produce negative results. I guess that is why you use them?

  8. Kaiser this morning s the most sensible thing I’ve heard come out of your mouth – ever! But don’t just test on world aids day only. Test whenever you have unprotected sex or you have a sexual partner whose HIV status you don’t know

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