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Church told not allow tribal remarks

Rural News Church told not allow tribal remarks

Muchinga Province Minister Henry Sikazwe has called on the church to play a leading role in denouncing acts of tribal remarks.

Mr. Sikazwe was speaking in a speech read for him by Provincial Deputy Permanent Secretary, Jonathan Ng’onga at the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Kafuba consistory in Shiwang’andu District during an induction ceremony of Reverend Oliver Kanina.

Mr. Sikazwe charged that tribalism brings about division and urged the clergy to continue preaching on the danger of tribalism.

He said if left unaddressed, tribalism can disrupt peace and unity and thus hinder development in any country.

Mr. Sikazwe cited Matumbo area in Shiwang’andu which had recorded portions of violence during the August 12, 2021 general elections due to acts of tribalism among political players.

“I wish to assure you that government will continue supporting the church in its endeavour to teach Christian values and morals,” he added.

And Presbytery Reverend Bishop for Muchinga Province, Festus Chulu acknowledged that the church has a role to promote peace and unity that President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration holds with great importance.

“As Kafuba consistory we will continue working with government through preaching the gospel,” he added.


  1. I don’t agree with this statement because it is laughable to say that, what attracts the attention of people cannot be pushed away just by saying stop commenting on tribalism it can not work , unless the dynamics that are driving this tribal thing are taken away.
    You the preferred people kindly tell our president to correct what he is doing wrong, people all people are equally intelligent to see the rot in this government however they are putting the country in a dangerous situation.
    HH engaged the wheels of tribalism right from his opposition point of view that is how he convinced the people in three provinces with the minority population that he is their redeemer, and they all followed this President to them it is only HH and the rest of Zambian politicians from other…

  2. KK was the only pan tribal of zambias presidents………

    FJT was a little bemba supremacist……

    PLW , I did not know wall apart from good governance…….

    Sata was another bigoted tribal racist……..

    RB was a typical wako ni wako tribalist I knew well………..

    Lungu was one of the worst bi triblalists of all, one of the worst……….

    HH has tried with his pan tribal appointments, but we are yet to see……..

  3. Zambians you have to pray that God sends rain, your president took this country to demons immediately he was sown in he went to present the country to his tribal gods and after that he took the country to ancestral spirits and he took the country to the spirits of the dead of Mazoka and Kapwepwe and to Nkumbula.
    The status needs repentance to be done as a nation don’t wait for a disaster to happen.
    We all know that without rain there is hunger looming.
    Better this president and government call for prayers and repentance.
    The nation despised prayer and godliness.
    This country has become an idol worshiper.

  4. As you can see there is no sign of rain in the sky.
    Idol do not bless anyone but only God is the merciful God who is able to forgive when p repent, we are not hearing any from preachers they blinded with partisan politics and money of bribes.
    They can not call for prayers and repentance.

  5. They despised scripture 2cronicles 7:14.
    They are no longer trusting but have started trusting a sinful man to bring rain, the season is going no planting of crops something to worry about.

  6. Careless tribal talk and insinuations have scourged most of Africa resulting in conflict underdevelopment and untold suffering. Tribalism should be thrown into the dustbin of primitive history and then incinerated. African pretense is sickening. Most tribalists emotionally condemn racism but practice their tribalism and see nothing wrong with that!

  7. United Church of Zambia (UCZ) are a bunch of hypocrites …very political and corrupt religious cult . Just last year they were endorsing Presidential candidates

  8. Nature has a way of sorting out rogue regimes. What we are seeing now may well be the beginning of our cry. When you tell people not to talk about tribalism but you leave talking about the tribal voting patterns then you are not saying anything worth listening to. HH is the biggest tribalist leader we have ever had. We will not solve the problem of tribalism by telling people not to talk about it but behind the scenes we are practicing tribalism. Academics, researchers and the so called civil organisations are all mute about the tribalistic voting patterns we see in the three provinces but especially in Southern province.

  9. Some tribal bloggers here are already biased to their inner thinking of hate and tribal hegemony. The Article is not saying stop talking about Tribalism the Minister is urging the Church to guard against tribalism by preaching to discourage it in our communities. Please read the story again.

    As for accusations of the three Provinces – I hail from from one of those and let me be very categorical on this one. I and my family will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.. apologise for not voting for a Thief, Corrupt and tribal leader in the pretext of balancing votes on tribes. We vote for Leaders who give us hope for a better tomorrow. A mediocre leader like Lungu who also was corrupt and tribal never gave us hope. Shaaaaa….

  10. PF should examine their poor performance in the three provinces objectively. They seem so stuck with the tribal tug answer – my view is that this stance will worsen their support from people who hail from and those resident in these provinces. PF really seem not to understand that the highly populated line of rail is to a large extent now a mixture of tribes who do not so much appeal to tribe.

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