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Adopt digital lifestyles, Chongwe DC urges Zambians

Rural News Adopt digital lifestyles, Chongwe DC urges Zambians

Chongwe District Commissioner Evans Lupiah has encouraged Zambians to adopt the use of digital products and platforms in their everyday lives.

Dr. Lupiah said the New Dawn Administration wants to see more Zambians adopt digital lifestyles adding that digitalization has the ability to reduce costs and enhance convenience and efficiency in the delivery of services.

He said the through the Ministry of Science and Technology, the New Dawn government is pushing a digitalization agenda that will transform the lives of Zambians in as far as accessing services is concerned.

Dr. Lupiah said President Hakainde Hichilema has underscored the importance of digitalization in service delivery as it helps fight corruption because reduced human contact.

He urged Zambians to start adopting digital lifestyles especially with the advent of Covid-19 as it can help cut the spread of the virus.

Mr Lupiah was speaking Saturday morning when he officiated at the opening of a Zamtel Customer Service Centre at Waterfalls Shopping Mall in Chongwe.

“I have just been informed that through the opening of Service Centres and Mini-Shops, Zamtel has created over 300 direct jobs and numerous entrepreneur opportunities for Zambians. This is commendable. We believe Zamtel should play a critical role in this digital transformation journey,” Mr Lupiah said.

He added, “Given its strategic role in Zambia’s development, we believe Zamtel should be at the centre championing digitalization initiatives and as government, we remain committed to partnering with you in this quest to have more Zambians shift towards digital lifestyles.”

Dr. Lupiah also commended Zamtel for its efforts in providing affordable and quality services to its customers.

He stated that Zamtel has now positioned itself and is competing favorably in a highly competitive market hence the need for Zambians to support the company.

“As a district, Chongwe is proud to host another Zamtel outlet as it reinforces our belief that our district has grown and is attractive for investment. We wish to invite other businesses to emulate Zamtel and set up presence in Chongwe as statistics would show that more and more people are leaving the city of Lusaka to settle in outlying areas such as Chongwe. Population size has expanded in Chongwe over the years as more people have settled here hence the need for more service providers to come and set up their operations here,” Dr. Lupiah said.

And Zamtel Head of Enterprise and Sales Worried Chibuye said the company stands ready to work with the Zambian government through the Ministry of Science and Technology in partnership with other independent developers in creating local digital solutions that will address local challenges.

Mr Chibuye said Zamtel is elated by the focus on digitalization by the New Dawn government adding that digitalization has the greatest potential to accelerate Zambia’s development prospects and create jobs especially the youths.

“In line with one of our strategic focus on the customer, we will continue placing the customer at the core of what we do in all our Service Centers including the one we are opening today at Waterfalls. We have so far rolled out over 80 Mini-Shops dotted across the country. The opening of the Waterfalls Customer Service center brings the total number of our Service Centers to 41, excluding the Mini-Shops,” Mr Chibuye said.


  1. It is good that the violent PF bandits are in oblivion.

    Well, the Skeleton Key 206 is back. Get used to it, especially the starved violent PF bandits! PF hoodlums will never bounce back to power, not even illegally.

    The Skeleton Key

  2. Rather than opening new shops, Zamtel should concentrate on improving their network. I guess it’s OK in cities, but if you’re like me 15km from town you have a very patchy network. Not only Zamtel: MTN and Airtel are just as bad.

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