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Parliamentarians to consider enrolling for governance training

Feature Politics Parliamentarians to consider enrolling for governance training

First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Attractor Chisangano says there is need to ensure that appropriate training is provided to public service officers and the general citizenry in an effort to enhance good governance.

Ms. Chisangano singled out the prospects of citizens being actively engaged in the management of public affairs as being at the very heart of democracy and good governance.
he Deputy Speaker was speaking during a familiarization tour with Parliamentarians at Chalimbana University yesterday and observed that the visit to the institution will boost the university’s efforts to craft innovative programmes for different clusters in society.

She noted that the University has developed locally significant training programmes such as the diploma in traditional leadership, management and governance for traditional leaders.

The First Deputy Speaker said the event, therefore, provides an opportunity for training partnerships with the National Assembly that will enhance the training of Members of Parliament ((MPs) in leadership, governance and management for development.

“Since knowledge acquisition is continuous and there is always room to grow, it is my hope that the degree programme in leadership and governance will be marketed among members of parliament beyond the country’s borders,” Ms. Chisangano stated.

She was amazed by the institution’s achievements and innovative activities aimed at broadening their service provision to both citizens and leaders in the country.

And Minister of Education Douglas Siakalima recommended Chalimbana University as well placed to take up the proposed training of MPs in leadership and governance.

Mr Siakalima said the institution already has experience with the diploma programme for traditional leaders.

The Minister commended the management and staff for devoting their services to making the university a place of integrity, service and excellence regardless of limited resources.

Meanwhile, Chongwe MP Sylvia Masebo requested the Minister of Education to support Chalimbana University with Infrastructure development among other resources needed to run the place.

Ms. Masebo said this will make the pronouncements to upgrade the university a reality.

In addition, Mazabuka Central MP Garry Ngombo implored his fellow parliamentarians to take keen interest and further their academic qualifications by enrolling for a degree in leadership, governance and management programme.

In promoting the health and welfare of people in the country, the Coalition of African Parliamentarians against HIV/AIDS (CAPA) Chairperson Ambrose Lufuma disclosed that a signing of a memorandum of understanding ceremony with Chalimbana University will take place soon.

Mr Lufuma said despite strides made in fighting HIV/AIDS the high prevalence of the disease among young people remains of concern, hence the MOU.

And Chalimbana University Council Vice Chairperson Margaret Mudenda said the institution has exhibited great potential in the provision of quality education.

Ms. Mudenda added that the institution has further produced great leaders such as the first Republican President the late Kenneth Kaunda, late President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe who was a lecturer and the late John Mwanakatwe and is up for the challenge.


  1. Good suggestion bcoz Zambia’s current system has given us rotten eggs like Kambwili,ECL and others.

  2. Mzambia.
    I wished you kept that thought to yourself , as you already know that everyone has his or her own opinion in life you don’t force anyone to to agree with your thoughts as you have your own Human Rights just like your neighbor has his own.
    Talking about others even mentioning names is the most primitive way to express yourself it is offending and someone can even take you to court.
    In a democracy you don’t intimidate anyone that is wrong , of late people intelligent people like Sean Tembo have suffered a lot from you cadres from that party you are so annoying, this shows how cadrerism from one party is bullying any one who disagree with them and it is a shame that things have turned out this way.

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