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ZAMTEL CEO Sydney Mupeta leaves the company

General News ZAMTEL CEO Sydney Mupeta leaves the company

The Industrial Development Corporation has announced that Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta has separated from employment with the Company by mutual agreement with effect from Tuesday 6th December 2021.

In a statement, the IDC has thanked Mr. Mupeta for his work that has seen Zamtel attain key milestones towards the transformation of the Company and has wished him well in his future endeavors.

Mr. Mupeta has been at the helm of Zamtel since October 2017.

This is according to a statement issued by IDC Head of Corporate Communication Namakau Mukelabai.


  1. This man should have been got rid of years ago…the man is an Engineer not a CEO who can bring the company into profit, with all stories of the on goings at ZAMTEL I am surprised he didnt take all his managers with him. The govt also needs to look at IDC they are equally incompetent…that need to go as well.

  2. Deja Vu – Fired or not ..either way he is gone as he felt the pressure and was exposed for limitations. This company needs an experience telecoms CEO even from the region or further for next 5 years and I don’t think Zambia has one yet in this field as its a new sector in the country. I hope incompetent IDC will not just prop up another Technical Chief Officer from within like they did with Sydney and expect success get someone from outside …do some headhunting for once,

  3. The Bemba-speaking peoples in government and parastatals have become endangered species. Rather than let an overly excited Bally soil your CV by firing you, it is better to leave on your own and reserve for yourself some respectability. The more reason Sydney Mupeta needs to be commended for leaving ZAMTEL instead of waiting to be fired by someone who is hell bent on employing only those from NorthWestern Zambia (Southern, Northwestern and Western Provinces) in government and parastatals. But as they say what goes round comes round. The way people from Northeastern Zambia are being fired will be the same way those in government today will be fired with a change of government.

  4. He knew that he would be the next on the chopping board. Better to leave with dignity on your own than to be shown the exit door

  5. We had one good CEO at ZAMTEL…very qualified . If I remember well..his name was Douglass Mutesha. The guy transformed ZAMTEL . Unfortunately he was removed purely for political reasons. Please bring than man back and you will see a big change at ZAMTEL

  6. PPP allow vodafone to own 49? of Zamtel. Vodafone can transform the telecom sector in a year, they have all the expertise and most importantly cash.
    Vodafone will bring the much needed competition to MTN and Airtel who have monopolised the market and taken consuners forgranted.

  7. Nostra – he knew auditors were catching up with how he was abusing the company with giving bicycles to voters and commissioning towers during campaign period

  8. ACC will come for him as well…these chaps thought Lazy will stay in State House forever protecting their corruption

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