Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Government to remove street kids and incorporate them in Zambia National Service training camps


Community Development and Social Services Minister, Dorren Mwamba has said that the Ministry working in partnership with the Ministry of Defence will remove street children and incorporate them in Zambia National Service (ZNS) training camps.

Ms Mwamba says this initiative will enable street children to acquire skills and later be integrated into society.

Speaking during the 75th UNICEF Anniversary in Lusaka today, Ms Mwamba said that one of the major challenges the Ministry is facing is the issue of social protection further stating that the government has prioritised social protection in the country.

She also thanked UNICEF for its consistent efforts towards improving the lives of vulnerable children by providing water facilities and their fight against early child marriages.

And, UNICEF Country Representative NOALA SKINNER said UNICEF remains committed to working with the government to ensure that every child is born healthy, educated and is able to grow up to their full potential.


  1. Please don’t take advantage by making child soldiers out of them. ZNS should look at creating vocational training schools. We need quality bricklayers and builders in the country. These kids deserve a second chance.

  2. Dictatorial policies. No human should be forced into an army. This is akin to nazi conscription. We warned you about upnd. You thought pf was a dictatorship, now you will see what one is

  3. Yaba! How do you incorporate children into the ZNS?
    Armed forces are not baby sitters. Another brought in dead idea.

  4. Kwena bene balan’gombe ma saka sana. They gave us an impression like they knew how to steer this country to prosperity but their utterances sound too basic. What a waste of five years this will turn out to be.

  5. Mr Minister I wish you the best of luck. I have been trying to eradicate the mosquitoes but they keep on reappearing after sometime.

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