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Information Minister warns Nakacinda against abusing the Freedom of Speech


Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda has said that the government is deeply disturbed by what she described as the blatant abuse of freedom of expression exhibited by the Patriotic Front (PF) Chairperson for Publicity and Information Mr. Raphael Nakachinda.

In a statement released to the media, Ms. Kasanda said that Government wishes to place on record that the freedom of expression, which was promised by the United Party for National Development (UPND), and which is now being promoted by the UPND Alliance administration, is not outside the provisions of the law.

Article 20(3)(b) of the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia does not support a violation of laws, among others, that are aimed at maintaining the authority and independence of the courts of law on the pretext of exercising freedom of expression.

“Government wishes to remind citizens that there are precedents where the courts have reacted very strongly and very swiftly against people who have been found to have attacked the integrity of the Judiciary.

“Zambians may recall that, not too long ago, the Supreme Court jailed a journalist for more than one year for contempt of court and sentenced a human rights activist to six years in prison, in absentia, also for contempt of court.

“Government wishes to urge all Zambians to exercise their freedom of expression within the confines of the law, as no person will be protected by anyone if he or she exceeds the limits provided by law.

“The New Dawn Administration is fully committed to the rule of law and is hopeful that both the law enforcement agencies and the Judiciary will show commitment to treating all citizens equally, based on the principle of precedent, ” concluded the statement.

Meanwhile, a Lusaka resident has reported opposition PF Member of the Central Committee in charge of Information Raphael Nakachinda to police for issuing false allegations against President Hakainde Hichilema

Eric Mwambe, 33 says Mr. Nakachinda should prove to the nation how President Hichilema issued instructions to the judiciary at any point.

Mr. Mwambe told journalists after reporting the matter to Woodlands police station that Mr. NAKACHINDA should have evidence that made him accuse the Head of State in such a manner.

He said the former Minister of Water Development should also be summoned by the courts for Contempt for commenting on an issue that is before courts.

Mr. Mwambe added that people should use their democratic rights responsibly.


  1. How many times have we told HH7 to get rid of this young are in no position to warn people on issues of Freedom of Speech…you issuing warnings are contradicting yourselves.

  2. LT to post a comment from my main IP I have to switch on my VPN… I am being restricted from commenting. I wouldn’t be surprised if its the drumbeaters and a68lickers for INDEPENDENT OBSERVOR. Call off your dogs and leave me in peace!!

  3. They are starting to remind you of whom? UNIP when they ruled us. MMD when they ruled us, PF when they ruled us. Instead of protecting our freedom of speech they are warning us about what they will do to us if they think we are not respecting them. Next they will arrest journalists.

  4. Chushi we go way back me and you. We have a warm history during my younger days when we partied together and did what grown ups do. But now you making it hard for me to not respect you. You are begging for abuse. How do you threaten someone for talking and then in the same sentence use the word freedom of speech? It is clear that the upnd are a lost party.

  5. Raphael just pointed out facts. I wonder why beautiful chushi should be stressing and start misleading people here.
    Your head of state has a diarrhea mouth. Let him refrain from acts that seem to want or suggest court ruling to go his biased side.
    These are intimidating tactics falling short of tenets of good democracy.
    Hh is not above the law.

  6. As for me I am personally really disappointed with this governmemt,leave Nakachinda alone deliver the campaign promises that you made to the people of Zambia.We are waiting for K5 fuel per litre,k250 fertilizer and many more .

  7. UPND still has not understood what freedom of speech means. Some foo1 reported Nakachinda for “issuing false allegations against HH.” Why report him to the police? The only time you report someone to the police is if that person is making threats against the president’s life. As long as it’s not that, it’s not a criminal offence. I’m not PF, but I support their right to freedom of speech. If HH feels libeled or slandered, then he should sue the offender in a court of law, and not the police arresting the offender for slander. You guys promised not to do what ECL’s PF was doing. Now you’re slowly beginning to stifle our freedom of speech, just like PF. Stop violating our freedom of expression. Let the Zambians speak!

  8. For every freedom there is restraint. In criminal cases, it is enroute to the courts through the Police. For civil matters it is to the courts. Mumu gulile ce simon (azungu akuti summon). We take him to court, akambe bwino kwamene uko and we are sorted. This nonsense of reporting anzanu ku police must cease forthwith. Mupelekeni ku koti Naka-citeci. Ya! These names also. Unga lakwe koma.

  9. Funny but seriously flawed. Very soon armed police will be back to break up peaceful demonstrations. Very soon people exercising their rights will be charged with treasonous utterances. Very soon, very soon.

  10. This are sighs of pressure mounting. Liars have no place in the country you have declared Christian nation. Ba Chushi you are offside. Nakachinda continue, we want to know what our President is doing behind the curtain. Stop meeting Judges.

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