Lusaka High Court orders Former First Lady to pay $ 58 000

Former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa at the

The Lusaka High Court has ordered Levy Mwanawasa and Company law firm run by former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa to pay an amount of over 58 thousand dollars, money which was paid to the law firm on behalf of the client NL Alterra.

The money was paid to the law firm on behalf of the client NL Alterra, a Belgium-based firm after the sale of a property, but the law firm failed to remit the said money upon receipt.

According to a statement of claim filed on August 11, 2021, the plaintiff says the defendant has up-to-date refused and neglected to transfer the said amount of money on whose behalf it received.

Arising from that, Lusaka High Court Judge Pixie Yangailo has ordered the law firm to pay the said money plus damages for loss of business of upto 2000 dollars.

Recently, the Law Association of Zambia suspended Dr. Maureen Mwanawasa’s practicing license amid a court matter where Finance bank Zambia Limited wanted the court to declare her bankrupt after failing to settle a loan to the bank in the sum of K6.8 million and K893 thousand together with costs in the sum of USD 25,000.


  1. Karma? Years back this firm cleverly grabbed a house from some Ndola orphans in spite of evidence that the property rightly belonged to these children. The children became destitutes.

  2. UPND Government should do something to help this woman, remember she was with Mutale Nalumango when Kampyongos thugs attacked the helicopter and also Levy was the best President Zambia ever had.

  3. She lived a lavish life over the sweat of a hardworking husband Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, he was her slave. A very greedy woman that behaved as if she were the first wife of LPM and that she and her children were the only beneficiary to the estate of the late LPM. There may be several claims against her because I know of a lady that claims that her land in Mikango wasn’t properly managed by her lawyer Maureen. Ladies don’t live life beyond your capacity to earn. To marry a great man doesn’t make you great as well. This is why we say that let’s institutionalize the Office of the First Lady so that the State can monitor its activities. It’ll serve us from such embarrassment. LPM couldn’t have tolerated this. I remember his relative who committed suicide because he couldn’t explain his…

  4. Did her late husband not leave assets to
    Offset some of these debts as she is spoiling
    His name.Or she has no intention to pay back?All former leaders and their wives come
    Out comfortable from plot one.

  5. What really went wrong at the Law Firm? Does it mean the former first lady failed to bring on board other lawyers to beef up its capacity or it was just sheer mismanagement?

  6. Maureen Mwanawasa needed to partner with other lawyers to make up for her weaknesses in some important areas of running a law firm. We all need that in life.

  7. She is a disgrace to her profession..I hope she doesn’t come back into politics like Lazy Lungu as such people never change.

  8. As a balanced human being I don’t have all the details to comment wildly here, that is how I lead my life. In life its not what you read at face value from a story that matters. In this case I will speak to her, I will also speak to the complainant, I will also look at the details in the court judgement then I will comment, since I am so meticulous I declare all comments above as null and void

  9. Since she refused to be declared bankrupt, then she still has money so relax guys she is going to pay. As for LPM may his soul continue to rest in peace otherwise the big man run his race with dignity.

  10. This is a crime called theft thru deception or obtaining money by false pretense.Nigerians do this fraud all the time.

  11. From what I have read she is an unsavory person. She misappropriated HIV money, mistreated her step children, grabbed a house from orphans, hasn’t remitted money paid to her on behalf of her clients, hasn’t paid a loan back to the bank and many other things we don’t know about. How did she get married to Levy? Did she grab him from his wife? And which foo! Is saying the govt should help her? What the rest of us who are struggling and haven’t even stolen? These are the people who get into politics to steal money. Stop living lavishly. Karma is a b!tch!

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