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Police are being too soft on alleged corrupt former ruling Patriotic Front (PF) members


United Party for National Development (UPND) Chairman for Mines Percy Chanda feels Police are being too soft on alleged corrupt former ruling Patriotic Front(PF) members, who he said some of are supposed to be charged with terrorism, economic sabotage, and crimes against humanity.

Mr. Chanda has said that the PF leadership should blame itself for turning a political party into a safe haven for crooks and thieves who plundered national resources in day broad light with impunity.

And Mr. Chanda says the vicious responses from the PF camp each time a PF member is arrested is clear enough that they know the fate that awaits their colleagues and that this leaves room to reasonably suspect that they know that their colleagues are guilty and will soon be imprisoned.

He, however, stated that all accused persons are innocent until proven guilty by the Courts of Law.

Mr. Chanda has wondered why the PF are panicking when all the accused PF members have an opportunity to prove their innocence in court.


  1. They are daring you because they know much as you do these cases will go no where.!!!! Not even one conviction will happen.

  2. They know most of UPND MPs have hands in the cookie jar too. Carreer politicians who turned into Entrepreneurs using suspicious funds. Just like Forest 27 where some have plots as well its hard to prosecute.

  3. The problem is that UPND fabricated a lot of lies against PF. That was the only way they could dislodge PF from power…..LIES.
    They lied aboud expired drugs and leaking condoms.
    They lied about exagerated road contracts.
    They lied about 48 houses.
    They lied about reducing the price of fuel
    They lied about reducing electricity
    They lied about fertiliser.
    They lied about Lungu.
    Because all accusations are based on lies… one will be convicted . They will all be released by the courts due to insufficient evidence.

  4. The cases against the owners of the 51 houses . UPND accused Lungu, Tasila, Chitalu Chilufya, Davis Mwila and others to be the owners.

    In count one, it is alleged that Loyana and his wife of House Number 2728 off Shantumbu Road, Chalala, between January 1, 2012 and June 30, 2019 jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown, did conceal and possess 51 properties valued at K37,916,000.00, properties reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

    In count two, the Loyanas between January 1, 2012 and June 30, 2019, jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown, did possess 51 properties which are located in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

  5. Thats is why fight of corruption has been failing.We all think politicians atte the ones who very corrupt. Ti the contrary , politicians are least corrupt..since they are well known .corruption is found mostly in non politicians . Most if the bloggers here are very corrupt,. civil servant ,police etc

  6. I we Chanda, just provide evidence so that the Police can act on them, stop accusing the Police of being soft. It is slowly back firing on liars.

  7. Iwe ka Chanda you want police to start beating PF members so that u can start stealing by procuring expen.sive fertilizer.Useless chaps.Just work on Kwacha

  8. One thing for sure is that Zambia is much better off without PF thugs.

    HH has indeed been too soft on criminals. Zambians expected a lot more.

    I just pray he does not have same intentions as Lungu to steal from the Zambian people.

  9. All comments from PF cadres above and those that will follow are null and void because sanity is returning to Zambia, thd same way you will never see osama bin laden walking on the face of this earth again is the same way you will never see a simple shelter and some simple booths nick named toll gate costing 4.3 million US dollars ever again in this country.

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