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President Hichilema appoints Prof. Saasa as Head of a new advisory council


President Hakainde Hichilema has announced the appointment of respected Professor Oliver Saasa to chair a new advisory council.

President Hichilema said Professor Saasa will lead an Advisory Council that will help his government to systematically break down the barriers to doing business in the country.

He said the appointment is part of the UPND government’s vision for growth in Zambia.

“We will create a level playing field, stamp out corruption, and review the regulatory environment in order to increase employment opportunities and improve livelihoods,” President Hichilema wrote on his Facebook page.

“We have challenged this forum to work with our team at State House to expedite the development of our roadmap for change and economic growth,” he said.

“We look forward to doing things differently with the private sector with whom we are pursuing a transparent, inclusive and proactive relationship.”

Names of other Council members have not been released.


  1. Brilliant! I have always loved the way the Prof articulates issues of national development. A big hand and congrats to the professor.

  2. I have listened to the prof on a number of discussions………Iam afraid his views on a number of issues are old fashoned and out of touch with morden day economic landscape. I doubt if he will add any value in the new era of social economic Zambia.

  3. Great appointment. Hope Prof Saasa can find space for Dr Dambisa Moyo on this advisory council. We have brilliant Zambians locally and abroad who just need space to contribute to the development of the nation.

  4. He needs to appoint the likes of Bowman as well, because appointments like these make Bally look elitist. Hopefully people like Mwaliteta can also find some spot in the leadership

  5. But, how about those FISTS by the Prof.?

    And, should the President, Head of State , be waving the Party Symbol on National Functions?!

  6. Out rightly fit for purpose. Oliver Saasa is a good pick. The Council should be a think tank but also represent all sectors of society- youths, women, NGOS, academia, religious, business, media, diaspora and economic sectoral intelligentsia. You need big thinkers and influencers.

  7. Fists indeed! He looks like a boxer bracing for a punch-up! But, jokes aside, hope he delivers. Good luck!

    #plant a tree now please!

  8. Send the Professor to Mike Tyson for a fist fight. Let us see if he will be fast enough to throw and duck opposing Tyson punches. Why indeed does he look like he is itching for a punch-up with someone? Could it be a sign of excitement at being appointed. I thought at his age, he would be able to contain that excitement. Anyway, he seems to be the excitable type.

  9. He is a veteran academic who tutored me in the 80s. Very good human skills and very likeable. He should have been called on by politicians previously but I think they love loud commentators and he wasnt too noisy for them. Mwandi ba Saasa bapeniko amano ba kamfulumende.

  10. I hope the Council will be loaded with pragmatic people who have actually run businesses in Zambia (successfully or not) and know the bottle necks we face as business men and women. We don’t want to see only theoretical chaps with lofty qualifications. Objective should be simple: Drive Zambian Entrepreneurship

  11. Professor Oliver Sasa is of good standing and given a good team of men and women they can deliver to the expectations of Zambians. It would not be a bad idea if the likes of Noel Nkoma, Cosmos Mambo and Dr. Mukombo Tambatamba were brought on board. The team should be broad based.

  12. The academic culture in Zambia is such that the title of “PROFESSOR” is used for personal prestige. In well developed Universities globally, including South Africa (Pretoria, UTC, Stelenbosch, Wits)., Professors never abandon research but continue to supervise postgraduate students even at semi-retirement level as Emeritus Professors. How many students has Prof. Saasa supervised after retirement from Unza in a country that is strongly impacted by challenges in the area of economics? This is a challenge for Minister of Education to urgently review postgraduate training in Universities.

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