Sunday, June 23, 2024

Parliament sends Munir Zulu away for wearing Muslim robe


Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu was sent away from Parliament for wearing an outfit that allegedly breaches parliamentary dress code.

Munir Zulu, who is a Muslim, was wearing an outfit known as the thobe.

The thobe is a long robe worn by muslim men.

The top is usually tailored like a shirt, but it is ankle-length and loose.

Zulu stated that he has not breached any Parliamentary Dress Code as outlined in Standing Orders 206 where his outfit is listed in the category of African Togas and such outfits are allowed.

But first deputy Speaker, Hon. Attractor Malungo Chisangano sent the Lumezi lawmaker away.


  1. Our constitution allows for freedom of religion and expression. This ruling means that the upnd are saying that zambian moslems are not welcome to participate in national affairs..they only allow Western dressing in an African parliament. Embarrassing

  2. Part of the reason why scholars have argued that the Christian Nation declaration, though sitting in the preamble to our constitution, has the effect of making people belonging to other religions other than Christianity second-class citizens. For why do you only want to make western dress to be the appropriate dress for parliament? What about Zambian women parliamentarians who go dressed in a Chitenge suit? Do you chase these away from parliament? If not, why chase away Munir Zulu in his islamic outfit. Is this not an overt way of telling moslems that they are not welcome to the Zambian parliament? Tell me, what is Christian about that parliament of ours. Is it about the majority MPs sitting in there being Christian? Or is it about what they dress or what is in their hearts?

  3. @Kaizar , be honest man, if you and your young biological brother Munio Zulu were in Afghanistan, which side of government could you join?? Taliban right?

  4. Africans are the only people who ditched their spirituality and embraced offshore beliefs. Enough said. Nothing idigenous about that dressing at all.

  5. So if he wears a suit, or a throbe, or a tonga, the thinking of that MP in parliament changes? What value does dressing bring to parliament? Archaic laws. PF was busy with bill 10 in parliament instead of removing such archaic laws

  6. People of Lumnza vote wisely next time.. you take small useless boys to Parliament this is what you get. Surely this boy is just bored…a chap like this can’t sit for 15 minutes in a lecture theatre you seriously think he can sit in National Assembly for one hour…really laughable

  7. Islam, christianity have African roots. Some people here saying foreign religion dont know this fact. The first ever person to call prayer (adhan) was a black man born in slavery in the east. His name was Bilal. He was the Prophets right hand man. The jewish religion borrowed heavily from African tales and practises like circumcision. The first God the Egyptians worshiped was an african rain maker, a nganga, Sangoma. How can the people who have been here on earth longer be the followers?

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