Leaders advised to understand comprehensive sexuality education

Comprehensive Sexuality Education
Comprehensive Sexuality Education

North-western Province Permanent Secretary Grandson Katambi has implored the top leadership in the province to understand government policies and interventions on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).

Col. Katambi disclosed that the communities would greatly benefit if the top leadership in the province understood the implementation of CSE and adolescent reproductive health interventions.

He said this during the official opening of the orientation meeting for District Commissioners, mayors and council chairpersons on comprehensive sexuality education.

“I wish each one of you to understand all the concepts clearly to avoid misleading our communities,” he added.

Col. Katambi further clarified that comprehensive sexuality education was not sex education as some quarters of the society were perceiving it.

“Comprehensive sexuality education is the kind of education that provides the learners, especially the young people with the knowledge, life skills, values and abilities to make informed and responsible decisions about their sexuality and life styles,” he said.

Col. Katambi further disclosed that the Ministry of Health has been working with the Ministry of Education to create linkages in handling adolescent health interventions.

“While the Ministry of Education provides information, the Ministry of Health provides health services,” he added.

Col. Katambi has therefore called on the top leadership in the province to be role models in spearheading the prevention of HIV in the community.


  1. No matter how hard you try to justify CSE it can’t be laundered. There wasn’t wide consultation during its formulation. Almost all traditional leaders have rejected CSE. Almost all parents aren’t comfortable with what their children are being taught. The proponents of CSE have failed to show how it has impacted the communities. Adolescent pregnancies and child marriages, many of which are child initiated elopements have gone up. Any curriculum that goes against customs and traditions of the target society isn’t welcome. You can’t change us to be like Scandinavians because we aren’t! What we do and what we don’t are part of our identity as Zambians. Can you get that into your minds? My children can’t call me by my first name, never

  2. You can ask the previous education minister mabumba. He was well versed in this subject. He even released a practical video on the same.

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