Saturday, June 15, 2024

Attorney General pushes ahead with the contempt case against Nakacinda


Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha has filed a Notice of Motion to commence contempt proceedings against Patriotic Front-PF Chairperson for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakacinda.

The Motion has been filed in the LUSAKA High Court pursuant to Order 52 rule 3 of the Supreme Court.

Mr. Kabesha has also relied on the affidavit filed in the High Court where he has raised allegations of contempt of court committed by Mr. Nakacinda

This is on the backdrop of the High Court’s decision to grant Mr. Kabesha leave to commence a Judicial Review against Mr. Nakacinda a few days ago.

His application followed the remarks by Mr. Nakacinda involving the Judicial Review Case of eight -PF members of Parliament dislodged from the National Assembly by Speaker Nelly Mutti after the High Court in various jurisdictions nullified their elections recently.

He had alleged that President Hakainde Hichilema had been holding meetings with judges to coerce them over the matter.


  1. Those are the totally hopless dumb as.s cowards …………

    CK, ST, Bowman and nakachinda ……..

    Loud for nothing, empty tins who contribute nothing but noise to Zambians well being………….

    As soon as they are squeezed because of their loud mouths without brains , you see them cowering like wet chickens beging for forgiveness………….

  2. CK, ST, Bowman and nakachinda …….

    I the west , such character’s are asked for past archivments in public service where they make noise……….

    In China such maggots are jailed or executed…………

    In zambia they are given unlimited airtime………

  3. Even if Lusambo and others withdraws their d!cks from wet condoms, they still fvcked the system… baleponokwa from Kabesha.

  4. Raphael Nakacinda should actually welcome this court action so that he can expose what HH was plotting with some judges before a court of law. If Nakacinda wants to be taken seriously, this is his chance.

  5. We have better cases to follow then waste
    Time on Nakachinda .Maybe this will make
    Others learn a lesson.Too much of freedom
    Of speech is the cause of this behaviour.

  6. Of course that cadre AG will do anything to please his master,Hh, the oreo- Black on the outside and white on the inside

  7. The action taken by Attorney General to commence court proceedings against Nakachinda, is not archaic law where the president was insulted NO, He accused the president and judges to rule in favor of the National Assembly Speaker so that UPND should create one party state. So Nakachinda should prove it. Although in 1972!UNIP arrested Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, to threatened the power of UNIP so Mainza Chona crafted the law to create one party state. So it will be a repeat if he proves it, so we can conclude that Tongas like one party state.

  8. It’s a waste of time, Kabesha better something sensible to do. If the Courts felt insulted by Nakachinda they could have dealt with him like they did John Mambo. They don’t need anybody to coerse them. Bittermen

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