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Zambia Public Procurement Authority orders the use of e-GP System for all procurement


The Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) has observed with great concern the low usage of the Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) System by most procuring entities (PEs) that have been trained and added to the e-GP system.

In a circular issued to all Permanent Secretaries and controlling officers, Chief Executive Officers of parastatals and statutory bodies, all Town Clerks and Council Secretaries of local authorities, ZPPA Director General Mrs. Idah Chella stated that section 16(1) of the Public Procurement Act No. 8 of 2020, provides for mandatory usage of the e-GP System by all procuring entities for procurement activities.

In a statement released to the media, Mrs. Chella further said that the transitional period of three (3) years contained in section 113 (7) of the Act only applies to PEs that are unable to use the e-GP System.

Mrs. Chella noted that all procuring entities that have met the requirements for usage of the e-GP System and have been trained and added to the e-GP System, are required to conduct their procurement processes on the System.

However, most PEs that have been trained and added to the e-GP System have not been utilizing the system in their procurement activities contrary to section 16 of the Public Procurement Act.

Mrs. Chella said that failure to comply with any of the requirements of the Public Procurement Act No. 8 of 2020 is an offence in line with section 105 (2) (g) and that any person convicted of an offence under the said section is liable to the applicable administrative and legal sanctions.

The Government through ZPPA is implementing the e-GP system.

The e-GP system is the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the procurement of goods, works, consultancy and non-consultancy services in the public sector.

The aim of the e-GP system is to provide an electronic public procurement platform supporting end to end procurement processes and good governance in financial expenditure in public procurement.

The use of the e-GP enhances transparency, obtain value for money and achieve economy and efficiency.


  1. Not these ZPP thieves please…
    we want to advise PF to vote for Emmanuel Mwamba as PF president. Emmanuel can bring some dynamic in the opposition.

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