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Youth Receiving Oil Tankers for Empowerment urged to incubate themselves among established businesses


Youth and Sport Minister Elvis Nkandu has implored Youths that will benefit from the government-sponsored Oil tanker Youth Empowerment Scheme to incubate themselves with established Oil Marketing companies in order to learn the art of Oil business.

And Kinglong Company General Manager Wu Ming says his company that has been in the country for over two decades will soon sign a memorandum of understanding aimed at training and capacitating 50 Zambian Youths with engineering skills to manage the Oil tankers.

Minister Nkandu who was in the company of his Permanent Secretary Chileshe Kangwa during the inspection of the acquired trucks at Higer premises said it would be practically impossible for the Youths without any experience in Oil business to effectively manage the tanker trucks hence the need to incubate with existing OMCs.

Mr Nkandu told the media after a conducted tour and inspection of the fleet that the will be fairly distributed to Youths across the country including areas off the line of railway.

He further revealed that government has started recovering amounts from the previous fleet of 50 distributed under the PF regime citing the recent payment of K 9million by Kapekisa Oil marketing company which incubated 30 tanker trucks and another K1,5 million from Mount Meru which got 18 trucks.

The Minister added that his ministry which is expected to distribute the trucks by January 2022 is happy to note that the supplier Kinglong has pledged to ensure that Zambian Youths were attached to its after service workshop in order to acquire necessary skills in the maintenance of the trucks with a Chinese Engineer already on site to impart the knowledge.

He has since urged Youths across the country to form Co-operatives in order to benefit from the initiative aimed at reducing the levels of unemployment among Youths in the country.

Oil tankers for youth Empowerment Schemes
Oil tankers for youth Empowerment Schemes

And Kinglong General Manager Wu Ming says his company which is one of the largest truck and bus manufacturer in China will use the soon to be signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Youth and Sport on skills development as a bedrock for its relationship with Zambia.

Mr Ming says his company which has been in the country for over 20 years will provide after care services through its well equipped workshop and technical staff to ensure that the project meets its desired goals.

He thanked the Minister and his Staff for their warm relations and pledged to continue working with the new dawn government in Youth Empowerment programs.


  1. It’s exit PF Amelicans and enter UPND Blitons. Bally has now moved 360°. He has adopted the same programs that he opposed ECL. That’s Bally for you. It was on this forum that we told you that this guy isn’t as clever as his supporters project him

  2. We initiated these programmes and the upnd criticised them. Today they will allocate these tankers only to youth from choma and monze

  3. And i remember some people shouting that this is waste of money. Fast forward it is now a government sponsored initiative. Cry my beloved

  4. A wise king won’t through away everything he’s predecessor left. Relax folks ,that’s too much anger you are exhibiting here.

  5. Bally, Bally coined by one of unza students was a word that helped propel HH into another realm. Like all Idols Bally is only Bally on paper. Because the mind’s imagination is superior to reality that is how we projected Hakainde. He may even not be as intelligent as ECL but found himself at an accidental position of wealth. Just like anyone else we do not choose how and where we are born so is Hakainde. But his reign may be very short because the chap is not consistent and no direction. He shoots everything in his path to his own detriment. He will soon be claiming all the projects that PF completed. This explains why ECL commissioned all the projects that were completed or near completion because he had a gut feeling that the incoming ” Chimbwi no plan” would claim victory on his…

  6. Hope the selection of these 50 youths will be fair and transparent…?? So that youths like us without any government connections can benefit…

  7. Instead of investigating his scam, you are busy embracing it. This was a dirty deal meant to benefit a particular group of people. Do away with this project and come up with more sensible projects. The Chinese are happy coz you are ready to buy their scrap. Please research from those companies that bought Higer buses from this company and how those are doing on the market. Stop wasting our resources on scrap. If you care enough, go pick that scrap of Higer bus for youth empowerment that is marooned between Ndola and Kapiri

  8. This is exactly what SC Sangwa was alluding to…such things should have been done away with since you are the New Dawn you do things differently what are you going to do when one of these Tankers catches fire such cargo comes with a lot of responsibility and risk with a lot of investment in health and safety.
    And Kangwa we all know he is a cadre and politician not a civil servant hence he is going to reward UPND cadres just like HH7 rewarded him with a PS post…its a domino effect.

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