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ZAMRA did Approve our Products after Extensive Tests, says Milly Beauty Products


Milly Beauty Products, have clarified that their magical juice the Milly Multy purpose juice ” the Milly Herbal Juice” is not an illegal product as insinuated.

The company has said in a statement that the homegrown product was subjected to the Zambia Bureau of Standards analysis, ZAMRA and the Ministry of Health Foods and Drugs Control in accordance with the laws of Zambia.

Further, the company says the juice is not a lightening cream nor oil but rather a herbal supplement.

They have explained that by a report Test 1-0013/1EC 17025 SADCAS dated 4th October 2019, ZABS through a Mr. H Manda, a senior laboratory Analyst approved the juice after an extensive laboratory analysis.

The company said thereafter, its management submitted the juice to ZAMRA who upon further engagement advised them to change the label on the package and register it as a food supplement.

They have revealed that senior officers who represented ZAMRA at all material time were a Mr. Victor Mpundu and a Mr. Laban after which the company complied and proceeded to trade.

ZAMRA, ZABS and the Ministry of Health are yet to comment on the revelation.

ZAMRA working with the Zambia Police Service yesterday apprehended three people for selling a Milly Multi-Purpose Juice that claims to cure a number of life-threatening diseases including diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, heart failure and asthma.

The suspects have been identified as Mirriam Namusokwe, aged 40 popularly known as Milly Beauty, Aaron Mando, aged 25 and Henry Banda, aged 32 years, all of Chamba Valley in Lusaka who have been jointly charged for placement on the market medicine without approval from the Authority and selling medicine in a place other than a pharmacy or health facility.

Below is the full statement


  1. Im not an cpert but know that As soon as one claims something can ‘cure’ it becomes a drug or medicine. If its a supplement, it should not claim to cure any illness but could say something like ‘helps’ alleviate symptoms or ‘supports’ etc. The process for approving a cure (drug) is not an ‘analysis’ or test of the drug by anyone. Its a clinical trial where a drug is given to thousands of sick or/and healthy people to test that it works. ZAMRA is right to rake action to safeguard our safety.

  2. They only allow Indians to come up with such things in the country. For any indegenous Zambia, its’ PHD syndrome. They want to pull her down. What a shame.

  3. Steve – Most drugs dont cure but they treat big difference and from my experience a lot of herbal medicines do cure.
    Milly’s problem here is not having the right skilled people in her company…you just can not claim your juice to cure all those diseases its false advertisement..for most of all those diseases you first need to undergo a complete lifestyle change to an alkaline diet then start the medication or herbal prescription.

  4. SLEEPYJOE – These organisations will make laws to only suit their paymasters …Pakistanis and Indians in KAMWALA have been selling these nasty bleaching products for decades they were fine with it. This is how Indians get rid of competition. These regulators need reforming the same corrupt directors who were cutting deals can not suddenly turn saviours.

  5. #5  Helpful One
     December 23, 2021 At 12:57 pm

    “Spaka you think alot kkkkkkk..”

    Have you seen how many of our women have suddenly turned into Brazilians or coloureds …..?

  6. Is this ignorant woman still alive? A person who hates their own skin colour is as good as a dead person. I have no respect for such women. She is no different from a prostitute who lacks self respect.

  7. The drink itself may not be illegal and may even be beneficial to health in some way. What is illegal though is to claim that it cures cancer, aids and a whole lot of other diseases. That is what has made the regulatory bodies come down hard on you because that is now falsifying claims just to sell your products. Just sell it as a drink like other drinks on the market without the fake claims and no one will bother you.

  8. Tarino i was referring to the article which said that Milly claimed her product ‘cures’ many diseases. Drugs like antibiotics or antivirals for hepatitis C cure diseases. But drugs like ARVs for HIV, drugs for asthma, diabetes etc are treatments.

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