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Président Hakainde Hichilema pardons 1 018 Prisoners


Président Hakainde Hichilema has exercised his prerogative of mercy by pardoning 1 018 inmates.

Minister of Home Affairs, Jack Mwiimbu says of that number, 1 004 are ordinary while 5 are foreign nationals and 9 are of old age.

Mr. Mwiimbu says among the pardoned, 971 are males while 47 are females.

He says the Presidential amnesty release does NOT include condemned, lifers and long term inmates at Mukobeko and Mwembeshi Maximum Security prisons respectively.

Mr Mwiimbu says this is in view of the fact that the advisory committee on prerogative of mercy is yet to be appointed.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka, Mr. Mwiimbu said the total inmate population currently stands at 23 293.

The Minister said Government is aware that a huge number of inmates at Kabwe, Mwembeshi maximum security correctional centres, Kamwala and Ndola remand prisons have pending cases, appeals and confirmations since 2012 to date.

He described the situation as inhumane and a reason for congestion in prisons and correctional centers.

Mr. Mwiimbu urged the Judiciary to explore other alternative sentencing mechanisms for minor cases to address congestion in correctional facilities.

He said Government is also committed to ensure that all correctional centers have adequate beddings and bunker beds for inmates.

And, Mr. Mwiimbu announced that Government will in 2022 recuit 1 613 Correctional officers.

He said this is meant to mitigate the inmate and staff deficit ratio.

Mr. Mwiimbu said according to the international standard, the ratio of Officer to inmate is 1 to 4 but that the current ratio is 1 to 12 and that this is unacceptable.


  1. Good move by HH.We need to de-congest the prisons full of people jailed for minor offenses.
    ECL was pardoning murderers and rapists.What a disaster of a president Zambia had in the last 7 years.

  2. #1 We are not children. All presidents have been pardoning prisoners on special days. This not a milestone and neither is it a special achievement.

  3. When ECL did the same, many upnd f00Is including that ugly w.h.o.r.e called independent above criticized hum and called him names. Today their fellow t.0.n.g.a leader does it, and he is praised.

    • A pf stupid fool for real,you’re a disgrace to the nation yours was personal gain and pilferage and your pF release almost all inmates from maximum facilities while a sober leadership awaits a sober committee to determine that

  4. @1: Independent you are dull. I have never seen a lady who is dull like this. Pardoning is not new. All the past presidents have been doing this from time immemorial.

    Independent, start thinking about how you are going to survive with this harsh economy. Poor people have been reduced to nothing. Did we have an increment of 4 Kwacha on petrol.

  5. Usually a prisoner has to complete at least three quarters of his sentence before being considered for a pardon. Now what prerogative was used this time?

  6. Woooow this HH guy got balls, is that the world record?
    Kabimba’s letter to HH becomes a toilet paper.
    My friend @Ndobo is jail, missing out to witness true leadership.

  7. @1 independent
    You have so much hate for Lungu….how do you even walk around with so much hate in your heart…you might be living a very miserable life all engulfed in hate…pay attention to your all beloved god HH and stop worrying about Lungu…don’t insult me please

  8. We are making room for PF thieves. They should also make a Presidential suite at Mwembeshi where ex Presidents can be incarcerated.

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