Minister of Information and Media commissions a newly constructed car park at ZNBC

The Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda
The Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda

The Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda today commissioned a newly constructed car park at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC). Ms. Kasanda said that it is the government’s desire to have a media industry with a respectable image and inspires confidence with stakeholders and members of staff.

Speaking during the opening of the ZNBC Car Park, Ms. Kasanda said image is important as some clients form opinions about the business on account of appearance.

She said it is for this reason that the Public Service Broadcaster needed a proper parking area for it to serve its clients and the members of staff in an effective and efficient manner.

Ms. Kasanda said it is important that the public service broadcaster matches the quality of its products and services with high quality standards of it’s surroundings like the Car Park.

The Minister has thanked AVIC International for its Corporate Social Responsibility Program for constructing the 94-slot Parking area.

She said the project will not have been possible without AVIC’s positive response towards her request for the company to construct the car Park.

And speaking earlier, ZNBC Director General Malolela Lusambo said staff and visitors were parking in undesignated places which made the situation chaotic.

Mr. LUSAMBO said the search for parking space can be a stressful errand and waste of time and money.

He said by having a Car Park, ZNBC will have a potential clientele that will NOT waste time looking for where to park.

The Director General has appealed to the users of the facility to be orderly and use the facility appropriately.

The Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda
The Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda Commisions car park for ZNBC

And AVIC International representative Rigen Tie says the Chinese construction company will continue to contribute it’s resources to help Zambia develop.

He said the company has enjoyed working in Zambia for over 40 years and will always work with the government to help better the lives of people.

He disclosed that the car Park has been constructed at a cost of over K 1 million.

And Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata said the province has been beautified by the construction of various infrastructures.

Speaking in a Speech read on her Behalf by Provincial Assistant Secretary Gomezyani Gondwe, Ms. Mulyata said quality infrastructure is key to effective service delivery.
She said the Car Park has added beauty to the Mass Media Complex area.


    • At ZNBC? Where is that? There is a building constructed by KK where ZNBC operates from. It is called the Mass Media Complex.

  1. #1  See 
    December 29, 2021 At 6:33 pm

    “Pf works and project so don’t boast…”

    You are not even embarrassed to admit PF and the corrupt fraud convict lungu made sure Zambians can not even construct a car park and need Chinese……….


  2. We thought PF was making small leaps in Development listen to the baby boss sending his lieutenants to commission a car park.

  3. This is embarrassing…………

    A whole minister commissioning a car park built by the Chinese……… .

    PF and Lungus legacy, after 10 years and billions spent…….

    Zambians can not even construct a car park ??????

    Might as well ask the Chinese to be wiping your backsides for you…….

  4. CSR my foot…AVIC knows how to bribe the black man….this is the same company that giving brown envelopes to PF leaders who were inflating those contracts. I am even surprised UPND is even dealing with these Chink crooks in other African countries some of these companies have been banned.

  5. Spaka – Its simple bribes …AVIC knows how to play you..they know that only a Politician will give them contracts not the Director General of ZNBC.

  6. Nostra I have spent alot of time with her
    She is very attractive and made me cry like a baby. If you know you know

  7. Is this being productive? An entire Minister commissioning a car park. smh. What a waste of time and space! She even had the gall to say that the car park will motivate the workers. smh

  8. In Lungu & PF era, thisnew car park would have been opened by himself, the bigman Lungu, Imagine.
    Honestly, do you need an external constructor to build a car park? Awe kwena pa Zed chachilamo !!! Not worth commenting further.

  9. #14  general Kanene 
    December 29, 2021 At 11:36 pm

    The saddest legacy of the lungu regime.

    Failing to empower and make sure trained Zambian companies do such works…….

  10. Kaizer, iwee, ulembafye ubusushi, come out of the hiding. Next iwee, ukukakwa! Even ka Dubai shop, nama business, tulekukonka.
    So, if you know her, what is so special. Who needs to listen to these rubbish? Ulichipuba sana

  11. Koma this is reallr ridiculous. Commissioning a car park!!!!!! Na malipota abwela sure? Cameras rolled mwebantu!! Now we all know boma has no plan

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