UPND allocated few Police Officers in Kabwata to allow their Cadres to harass and beating people up


By Sean Tembo Pep President

1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) we are disappointed with the failure by the New Dawn administration to allocate adequate police officers to manage the nomination process for the just-ended Kabwata by-election. As a result of inadequate police manpower, UPND cadres went on rampage harassing and beating people up as well as damaging property at the Nomination Center at St. Patrick’s Primary School in Kabwata.

2. During the ensuing fracas, three of our members who are women and members of the PeP Choir group were assaulted for no apparent reason, a PeP branded bus was damaged and music equipment stolen from it during the filing in of nomination for our Kabwata Parliamentary Candidate Mr Henry Muleya. This matter was immediately reported to Kabwata Police Station. We also witnessed a police officer being assaulted by the UPND cadres, his uniform torn into pieces and blood oozing from his nose and mouth, on accusations that the said officer supported the previous regime.

3. As Patriots for Economic Progress our considered view is that as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, it is the duty and obligation of Hakainde Hichilema to protect all citizens and property from harm. The starting point to achieving that objective is to appoint men and women into the police service command who are capable of properly assessing security threats and allocating police manpower and resources accordingly, to avert identified security threats. With regard to the matter at hand, a competent police command would have known that a by-election nomination day is a major security threat and would have therefore allocated adequate police officers and resources to police the event, as opposed to the five or so police officers who were at St. Patrick’s School during Tuesday’s nomination. What is the point of Mr Hichilema taking selfies with new police recruits if those police officers cannot be deployed to important events such as a by-election nomination day?

4. As Patriots for Economic Progress we believe that the failure by the police command is because Mr Hichilema appointed a tired old man in the name of Lemmy Kajoba, as Inspector General of Police. It is self-evident that Hichilema’s Kajoba lacks the energy, zeal and competence needed to inspire the police command to high levels of performance and professionalism. It is clear that the only reason HH appointed Kajoba as IG is because Kajoba can easily be manipulated to use the police service to perform illegalities at the beck and call of Hichilema. Other than that, there is no other qualification that Lemmy Kajoba has to be the Inspector General of the Zambia Police Service.

5. As Patriots for Economic Progress we strongly believe that Hakainde Hichilema in collaboration with Lemmy Kajoba deliberately allocated skeleton police manpower to the nomination day for the Kabwata by-election so as to give adequate room to UPND thugs led by William Banda to flex their muscles during nomination day, by harassing, assaulting and damaging the property of political opponents. This use of a state institution by Hakainde Hichilema to achieve his petty political goals in Kabwata is extremely regrettable, especially given the fact that the Zambian people voted out the previous PF regime largely because of the unruly behavior of their cadres.

6. In the premises above Hakainde Hichilema is hereby put on notice that his failure to protect citizens and their property from harm by his UPND party cadres amounts to dereliction of his duty as President of the Republic of Zambia and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Indeed, it is self-evident that HH only wants to enjoy the privileges that come with being a President but not the responsibilities. He is happy to fly around the globe like Vasco Da Gama, using taxpayers’ money but does not want to protect Zambians and their property from the unruly behavior of his UPND cadres. Being a President is a total package. You need to enjoy the privileges with the same zeal and passion with which you execute the responsibilities. Zambians are tired of half-baked Presidents.

7. As Patriots for Economic Progress we shall soon by submitting a claim to the UPND Secretariat for compensation for the damage to our party bus and property which was stolen from it as well as the assault on the three women members of the PeP Choir group. The claim will be submitted to the UPND Secretary General as soon as we finalize assessing the monetary value of each of the items in question. We shall expect the ruling UPND Party and its leader Hakainde Hichilema to take responsibility and settle our claim without excuse, once it is submitted.


  1. Sean Tembo is surely still hurting from electoral defeat by UPND that’s why there’s endless ranting articles.

  2. Bally is uniting the country so don’t worry about those UPND cadres. They’ll definitely be arrested 5 or more years from now. Their time will also come. Weep not, child

  3. Mwendoshi nimwe Sean na Kapya na Sangwa na youth. Mapatizya formula is always at play.
    This is what you wanted, this is what you got.
    Let’s roll without complaints and stop mentioning PF in vain, ifyabupuba.
    For you know very well that h² is incapable of championing sanity.
    He failed as an opposition leader, what makes you think he will change now?
    Stop wasting our precious time. The belly empty bully bally ferocious cadres you helped make will devour you alive and there is nothing the yupeendi god will do about it.

  4. It is not about electoral defeat. We are losing our identity and quickly joining the ugly side of Africa. It would seem like UPND leadership cherish violence. CHEAP UPND politics. Sad, the European Union are silent.

  5. I feel pity for the police officers who are been abused like dogs.
    hichilema still can’t believe that he is the President of Zambia!

  6. Ati that was a PF buju. So nomba all suspected PF bujus or people will be assaulted in full view of hh and his cadre IG kajoba. It’s tough being police under oval head kaponya.
    Hahahahahahahah we told you so but there is time for everything.

  7. Lies……….

    Every body has a phone camera………

    Show us the evidence………..

    ST has now been reduced to telling outright lies , seeing his bogus economic theories look and sound like nonsense……….

  8. Do not worry. I am on the ground with my loyal foot soldiers. Ready to defend ourselves by all means necessary. Should any upnd try to be funny I will just beat them up. I don’t have patience for f00Iish people

  9. Really laughable…he says he is not Politically inclined yet he is the first one to hastily comment without thought when he sees articles like this.
    Who you cheating you sanguage?

  10. Sean Tembo what is you comment on the K800m Fertiliser contract awarded to an unknown unregistered company in Dubai by PF govt.

  11. the people of zambia has gotten fade up with pf political violence and that s why they voted the out. while upnd is no worse than pf when it comes to violence the party can not afford to toralate the small pockets of violence or ignore these allegations against the party. the upnd must at least say something in response to these allegations. if it’s true their caders caused violence then let them assist the police and having those caders arrested. let them also apologize for this sad development and assure the nation that it won’t happen again.ignoring and keeping quiet about such allegations will damage the party’s support from non aligned citizens and voters. more over even in the pf this violence started in small pockets and as pf leaders continued to ignore it, it grew out of hand…

  12. Please can we have independent witnesses to confirm what pep is saying since I don’t trust the man. Sometimes Dr jekyll sometimes Mr Hyde. But if found wanting I want the police to move in and bring the culprits to book.

  13. Hakainde has no capacity to deal with his own rabid dogs who are ravaging the commuiities that voted him into power in the first place. Hakainde is just a smart conman in state house. He only acts if the situation will make a dent in the opposition camp.

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