I’ll not tolerate any acts of corruption in the recruitment of 11,200 health workers this year-Masebo

Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo
Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo has warned that she will not tolerate any acts of corruption in the recruitment of 11,200 health workers this year.

Ms. Masebo said that the recruitment process will be decentralized across all the 116 districts in the country in a bid to benefit all the 150 constituencies.

The Minister explained that her Ministry will first start employing all those working on a temporary and volunteering basis, adding that she does not expect management in various health facilities across the country to omit those working on temporary basis once the exercise commences.

Meanwhile, Ms. Masebo has said that government will procure two ambulances for Kafue General Hospital this year. Ms. Masebo said that despite the hospital covering a large catchment area, it does not have reliable ambulance services making it difficult to deliver quality health care.

She also assured the hospital management that the ministry will address low staffing levels at the health facility.

Ms. Masebo was responding to concerns raised by Kafue General Hospital, Medical Superintendent Muntanga Mapani.

This was before Ms. Masebo handed out 14 baby hampers to mothers of babies born on New Year’s Day.

Dr. Mapani cited inadequate infrastructure, and water shortages the institution is facing.

Meanwhile, Kafue Council Chairperson and Child Activist BUUMBA MALAMBO requested the Minister build shelters for survivors of abuse especially the girl child, stating that the numbers of abuse have been increasing in the area.

And one of the recipients, NAOMI NAMBEYE thanked the Minister for the gesture and has expressed joy at the opportunity of delivering on a special day such as this one.


  1. Very encouraging.The answer is to build strong systems as people were too used to corruption and literally enriched themselves with bribes of 10-15,000 per recruitment.
    The Teaching Service was worse.The hynaes are licking their lips waiting for recruitment to begin eating,we wait and see what systems government will build.

  2. We are yet to see how the recruitment will be done otherwise the same Lusaka people will send their relatives all over the 116 districts to take up the bigger chunk of the jobs.

  3. Now she’s working. Not just announcing infection statistics of a single flu every time and trying to copy and paste western ideas of dealing with the selfsame disease as if nothing else matters.

  4. Leaving the hiring to the 116 districts? That’s a guarantee that corruption will take over. Putting a candidate’s file to the bottom of the pile is all too easy. And the MoH is VERY experienced in corruption

  5. Is the minister omnipresent? Which recruitment Officer would leave out his or her child. Favoritism will be there either by relationship or by oiling the palm. I’m afraid many will cry.

  6. Iwe LT what system do you use to filter postings. Kaizer is always posting unpalatables but you still allow it.

    MOVE ON M8

  8. “I am allergic to corruption ” – MC Sata . Ms Masebo we all know how that ended with PF and Lungu at the driving seat.

  9. “I’ll not tolerate any acts of corruption…”

    And this is why we can not eradicate corruption instead of proposing policies to eradicate it she is there playing gatekeeper in one of the most corrupt ministry in government.


    Some suggestions that will help in future.

    In the developed world hospitals no longer own ambulances, perhaps we should start changing towards this model too.

    Ambulances are operated independently of the hospitals and they are located near hospitals so they are deployed to places as and when they are needed and they take the patients to the hospitals that have A&E departments that closest to them.

    This system will help decentralise a lot of things and cut down some expenses.

    Try and analyse and see the system if benefits are greater particularly for places like Lusaka, the Copperbelt and other urban areas.

    Other areas of improvement will be like awarding contracts to local companies cleaning companies in the hospitals, companies that can do proper…

  11. If there is one manufacturing sector that can do well in Southern Africa its modifying brand new Panel vans and 4WDs into Ambulances. I just don’t know why IDC hasn’t taken up this challenge given the amount of money GRZ wastes importing them and the potential client base from neighbouring countries.

  12. Every one fights corruption when in government but the results are always very poor even the corrupt fight corruption and nothing changes, I agree with the first suggestion to create systems that track corruption and punish culprits how ever without such, it is just the same song all politicians sing when in government.

  13. Sylvia Masebo has bought two ambulances for Kafue. Good news you would say. Until you hear that Chongwe hospital – in Sylvia’s constituency – was given three ambulances, and all three are broken down for months now. Governments are always making the same mistake: they provide funds for the initial investment, but they NEVER budget for repairs and maintenance.

  14. “ill not tolerate corruption this year”-Sylvia Masebo . Okay,does it mean she’ll tolerate it in subsequent years?

  15. Tikki and yet here you are talking about me. I receive the most reaction albeit positive or negative. This means more people read my comments than anyone else here . I have a huge following and that angers you. Fuseke

  16. How it works, if I am manager at Nkana, I will not employ relatives at Nkana. I will ask my counterpart at Nchanga to help and in exchange I will employ his relatives at Nkana.

  17. She is a finished lady who does not believe in what she is saying. “I’ll not tolerate any acts of corruption”. What can you do after corruption as taken place? Tell us what measures you have put in place to stop the virus. Nothing because behind the curtain she also want to benefit. One of Appointment of rewatding.

  18. I will not tolerate corruption, says a person whose corrupt activities began while she was a student at UNZA. While at UNZA, Masebo bribed so that she could not be allocated a room mate. While on corruption, were you not fired by Sata because some hunting concessions were dubiously awarded.

  19. In fact I feel there’s something mysterious about the whole thing. They say priority will be given to volunteers so we have 11, 000 volunteer workers? If so just sign them on at the point of operations. A physical check was carried out in 2019 and it was found out that some of the staff shortages were caused by people on payroll but were not at their stations mainly rural areas.

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