It’s PF cadres masquerading as UPND members who caused Violence in Kabwata-UPND


United Party for National Development UPND Lusaka District Chairman Savious Ndaba has distanced the UPND cadres from the recent violent activities in the Kabwata constituency.

UPND Lusaka district chairman Savious Ndaba told the radio station QFM that those inciting violence in Kabwata constituency in UPND regalia are not UPND cadres but Patriotic Front (PF) cadres who are masquerading as UPND cadres by wearing UPND regalia when harassing members of the public.

Mr. Ndaba further noted that all those masquerading as UPND cadres are known hence warning them that if they continue, UPND leadership will soon report them to the police, noting that that UPND political cadres respect the rule of law as they don’t involve themselves in political violent activities.

Mr. Ndaba further advised the UPND cadres not to reiterate whenever provoked by the PF cadres but report them to relevant authorities whenever provoked but sent a strong warning to the UPND cadres that the UPND party will not defend them when found abrogating the law by involving themselves in political violent activities.

However, Patriotic Front PF Deputy Media Director Edwin Lifwekelo has urged the UPND leadership to take responsibility and stop defending their political cadres that have been seen on many occasions harassing members of the public but to term them from continuing harassing members of the public.

Mr. Lifwekelo said that there is a need for the UPND to stop playing a blame game on the opposition’s Patriotic Front which is vulnerable as it is not in power but find an amicable solution to the vise.

He has since appealed to the police to investigate and bring out the true perpetrators of political violence in the Kabwata bye-elections campaigns.


  1. Is there anything this Govt will ever accept? Even Mapatizya formular was blamed on other political parties, shame. This is all we are going to get from this vasco dagama and nothing more. The praise singers will continue and very very soon they will be trekking to Nigeria to see their witch. Their Vasco dagama has opened the way by sending his chief to see their witch.

  2. Zambia is doomed if we keep nurturing this toxic practice of politicizing governance and law enforcement issues.

  3. Of course it is PF cadres. Their modus operandi is well known for many years, remember in their time not even Zambia Police could stop them, one of the PF cadre even entered central police went to clobber police officers on site and even confiscated their phones

  4. if they continue, UPND leadership will soon report them to the police, Why not just report them now since they have already committed a crime? He just wants to create a case after creating the lie that theose are PF cadres.

  5. 1. There is too much mental gymnastics going on right now. It has taken almost two weeks for this guy Saviours Ndaba, to come up with this soiled and off the textbook excuse. Violence must be condemned whether its PF or UPND Cadres.

    Saviours is saying – PF Cadres who are overpowered and scrounging in the streets for survival – went and grabbed or paid for the Red UPND Regalia at the cost of being identified by seasoned UPND Vigilant Cadres. That is B*S. Why would PF Cadres risk doing this when they know UPND Vigilant Cadres are the ones now in power, thus commanding the The Police, who they should arrest and lockup ?

  6. 2. This is a reckless statement. Don’t encourage UPND Cadres to continue causing havoc, at the cost of them knowing that they will not be condemned and arrested. But, that blame will go to PF.

    Truth be said. If these violent cadres were PF, they would be in police custodies by this time. And you would not asking UPND Vigilant Cadres to report them to the police. They would have been toasted by now !! Stop using the old PF playbook. Two wrongs don’t make things right.

  7. Those were hard core PF caders that have been accepted into UPND ………..

    Only their ways will never change and they automatically resorted to violence that they have been indoctrinated into by the PF as mater of survival for them…………

    All former PF caders are now wearing red……..

    thinking of the same ways they got paid in PF , by violence, is still the norm…

    It will take atleast 3-4 years for old habits to die……..

  8. You id.iot you are in power not in opposition…… therefore care responsibility if you are not ready get lost… Arrest them it’s that simple…for your information We are not kids ?

  9. All unemployed PF caders now know red……

    These unemployed youth were used by PF to terrorise anyone with opposing views , some time even within PF itself……..

    Their allegiance is to the highest bidder which Was PF , which was GRZ…..

    That is all they know……….

    It is only natural that they all wear red now, but are finding cader violence in UPND colours does pay……….

    These are the remnants of PF lawlessness……..

    As for William banda , he is proving to be more of an old agitator and has been dealt with……….

  10. Iwe cheekala if you were able to instruct the police to arrest Nakachinda, how’s it difficult to order them to arrest the so-called PF hooligans who are disturbing the Kabwata Community? We’re not children.

  11. Does it mean upnd is all about lies? This is frightening, a govt that never takes responsibility for it’s actions.

  12. Mbuzi zoona. Just accept and send a warning to your cadres Mbuzi iwe. If you continue shielding them and blame PF, they will not stop. We want peace in this country. We don’t want cadres from any political party.

  13. Lies started with their president. A precedent of lies has been set. Every Jim and Jack have started lying. Liars will do anything to sway peoples’ attention. The worst thing is that they ascended to power through lies and even in their governance lies is part of them.

  14. If they are PF cadres then prove it. Catch them and take them to Police. Like this without arrests it looks like it was upnd. Don’t be like PF.

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