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Teachers must not ask money from parents. It is against the free education policy-Liswaniso


The New Dawn Administration is committed to serving the Zambian people and the youths must be front runners to ensure they offer proper checks and balances in the process of transition, United Party for National Development(UPND) National Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso has said.

And Mr. Liswaniso has implored parents to act on teachers reportedly abusing the free education policy in some schools in Lusaka.

The UPND National Youth Chairman said this when he featured on One Live Radio program dubbed the Neighborhood Watch where he specifically interacted with the callers around Lusaka District on their concerns on the New Dawn Administration.

And a number of callers expressed shock on some schools asking parents to pay for toiletries and the sale of uniforms which is against the free education policy as evidenced by a recent circular as a reminder by the Ministry of education.

“Teachers must not ask money from parents. It is against the free education policy.

School-going children are not supposed to pay school fees. It is government paying and includes supplying toiletries.

I urge parents affected to take action and l want to implore Zambians to work together to ensure that the new dawn administration responds to their aspirations” Mr. Liswaniso said.

And one caller reported that cadres are collecting money at bus stop and market in Bauleni Compound.

In response, Mr. Liswaniso said the incidence will be investigated fully with relevant authorities.

“I have been checking on the end to caderism in markets and bus stations across the country in my tour of duty, generally no one is collecting money but the council.
I will come to Bauleni and see for myself what is going on there,” he indicated.

And Mr. Liswaniso said it is everyone’s concern to bring normalcy and sanity in the country.

He said the Hakainde Hichilema-led government is for the people irrespective of political affiliation.

“We shall continue to interact with the people on the ground regarding the implementation of the new dawn administration’s promises and listen to their concerns.
Zambia is for all of us not UPND supporters.

Opposition political parties are talking about the new dawn administration and in the name of offering checks and balances. This is okay but we shall only implement concerns that will rebuild and reunite Zambia” he said.

Commenting on the ongoing campaign in Kabwata Constituency, Mr. Liswaniso is happy with the mood of violence-free campaigns and called for the residents to vote for the UPND candidate Andrew Tayengwa for continuity of the vision of the party in government aimed at improving their livelihood.


  1. The real problem is that this Govt is rich in rhetoric no action. They are a very disorganised lot. One does not know who is the spokesperson of this political part in Govt, everyone is spokesperson even on important issues everyone becomes a spokesperson like bushmen who all talk at the same time.

  2. Isn’t this gentleman one of the UPND party operatives, or does he double as spokesperson for government too?? This is a bit confusing – there appears to be a clamour for power here! People are clambering over each other to appear authoritative. As for asking parents for money – if true, this is pretty embarrassing for government. Obviously, there is a deficit somewhere, and rather than issue warnings, I would investigate what’s really “going” on the ground!

    #plant a tree please!

  3. There is no such thing as a free public service. Someone somewhere has to be taxed to foot the bill of this political wasteful gimmick

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